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Bowls Victoria’s Member Resource Hub

Resources for sustainable club management.

Operating a sports club today is very different from what is what 20 years ago. There is more expectations and responsibilites on club managers and volunteers to be across all areas of running a small business.

It’s important to ensure that anyone responsible for an area at your club has the applicable skills and knowledge. Club Assist aims to provide key information across business administration, laws and legislation, insurance, marketing, hospitality, finance and membership management.

Bowls Victoria is committed to helping Victorian clubs grow and prosper, which is why we have developed this Member area full of essential support services to assist your club and your volunteers.

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Information related to club constitutions, business planning and club forms.

Update your Club or Region contact details

Forms for Clubs and Regions to keep us up-to-date with your current administrator’s contact details to ensure you don’t miss out on important communications.

Player & Club Clearances/Transfers

Forms and guidance for players who wish to change clubs, represent more than one club in Pennant, or compete interstate.

Club Management

General Club Management

Information surrounding common management issues clubs encounter.

Facility Management

Assistance in building new, refurbishing or extending existing club facilities and more.

Volunteer Management

Information to help recruit, retain and reward your club’s volunteers.

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Event Management

Running a club event? These resources may assist you.

Marketing your Club and Events

Resources to assist your team to positively advertise your club, plus run and market your events:

Health & Safety

Resources to assist your club’s responsibility surrounding member and visitor health and safety.

Food & Beverage Management

State Government standards regarding the serving of food and beverages.

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Disciplinary Management

Best-practice documentation surrounding club member behavioural issues.

Sports Integrity

Best-practice documentation surrounding club member behavioural issues.

Child Safety

Bowls Victoria is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of all children and young people and has zero tolerance for child abuse which includes anything that compromises the health and well-being of children.

Bowls Victoria endorse and operate under the National Integrity Framework: Bowls Australia Child Safeguarding Policy and the 11 Child Safe Standards as set by the Victorian Government, including Child Safe Standard 1 – Relevant entities establish a culturally safe environment in which the diverse and unique identities and experiences of Aboriginal children and young people are respected and valued.

Full details regarding Bowls Australia’s Child Safeguarding Policy can be found on the Bowls Australia’s Sports Integrity web page.

Sport Integrity & Managing Complaints

Bowls Victoria (via Bowls Australia) have adopted Sports Integrity Australia’s (SIA) National Integrity Framework which takes a proactive approach to mitigate integrity threats to sports and provide a safe, fair, and healthy environment for participants at all levels of the sport. In conjunction with the new policies we have also adopted a new independent complaint-handling process run by Sports Integrity Australia. This means that all members can raise any integrity concerns directly to Sports Integrity Australia.

The suite of policies and further information can be found on Bowls Australia’s Sports Integrity web page.

Helpful documents and webinars to assist in facility, volunteer, events, marketing, health and safety, food safety, disciplinary management, child safety & sports integrity.

Opportunities for your club to secure extra operational funding.

To support Regions during and after the 2021 Regional structure, please refer to the following Bowls Victoria assistance pack.

Coaching, Officiating, Side Management & Greens

Information about how to become a coach, umpire or greens inspector, plus how to renew your accreditations, and assistance for side managers.

State Governance

Bowls Victoria Governance

Information covering the Board and governance framework of Bowls Victoria.

Victorian State Government Standards

Stay up-to-date with State Government standards surrounding Victorian Sport.

Information covering the Board and governance framework of Bowls Victoria and Victorian State Government standards.

BV has a range of exciting programs designed to increase club engagement and membership numbers.

Bowls Industry Contacts, Suppliers & External Resources

Personnel Contacts:

Club Suppliers

Supplier contacts and information for Victorian bowls clubs:

External Club Resources

External websites that offer clubs access to resources, support guides and training:

Victorian bowls industry personnel and supplier contacts, plus resources.


Please refer to the link below to find the Bowls Victoria General Club Assistance document which outlines Frequently Asked Questions including:

  • Eligibility to Play Bowls
  • Suspension
  • Clearances & Permits
  • Conditions of Play
  • Attire

General club assistance document and answers to frequently asked questions.