Bowling with Babies

Bowling with Babies is a fitness and social activity that you can enjoy with your little one.

Bowling with Babies brings new and expecting parents together to enjoy a coffee, a chat and a social roll.

Supported by VicHealth, Bowling with Babies aims to assist less active parents to become more active and enable them time to focus on their physical well-being in a fun, relaxing and comfortable environment – with their baby.

If you’re expecting, attending a Bowling with Babies session also enables you to connect with other parents in your local area, and help to build a supportive peer network before your baby arrives. Family and friends are always welcome and encouraged to join in the fun with you!

Bringing baby 

Bowls Clubs who run Bowling with Babies are fully equipped for little crawlers on the green. Clubs provide change tables, comfortable feeding areas, blankets and playpens. There is also plenty of time crawling on the green. Older children are welcome, but the more mobile they are the more mum or dad has to keep an eye on them!

Each club has worked closely with Bowls Victoria to ensure their facilities are suitable and their club is welcoming to all families – including dedicated and supportive volunteers.

Why Bowls?

– It’s fun and social
– Keeps you fit and health
– Enhances mental wellbeing
– It’s inexpensive to play
– It’s a sport for all abilities
– Improves cognitive function

Bowls is a game that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. One of the best things about bowls is you can learn how to play at your first attempt. Once you’ve picked up the main aspects and taught how to avoid bowling a ‘wrong bias’ (when the bowl curves in the opposite direction to your intended target), you’ll be on your way.

Find my nearest Club

A number of Bowls Clubs throughout Victoria offer Bowling with Babies. Some offer sessions for free, while others have a small fee of $10 or less. Find your nearest participating Club to try a session.

With over 500 Bowls Clubs around Victoria, there is sure to be a club near you. Every Club is unique and will offer a different experience. Some are big, and some are small, some have bars and restaurants, while others will transport you back to the good old days. Once you’ve found your BWB club, head to our registration page to secure your spot.

Register to try Bowling with Babies

If you want to be involved in Bowling with Babies, or know somebody who would, you can register your interest here.  You can also find more details in this flyer.

If there isn’t a club close to you but you really want to get involved, let us know and we will get in touch with a local club and try to add to add a Bowling with Babies program.

Information for Bowls Clubs

Bowling with Babies is a participation program designed exclusively for new and expecting parents of all skill levels.

Women’s sport in Victoria received a huge boost in 2017, with VicHealth announcing $6.7 million in funding to 19 sporting organisations, including Bowls Victoria, to get more Victorian women and girls healthy and active. Bowling with Babies was implemented as a response to this funding and has proved a hit with clubs and parents. Over 700 mums have taken part in the program since it launched in 2017. Click here for our infographic for more about the program.

To be able to run a Bowling with Babies program, clubs need to provide a facility and support suitable to the needs of new parents and children under the age of 12-months. Club success stories include Werribee Bowls Club, Port Melbourne Bowls Club, Rutherglen Bowls Club and Flemington-Kensington Bowls Club.

If your club wants to register to host a Bowling with Babies program, please get in touch with our Participation Manager Neil Gray at

Bowls Club Case Study

Inverleigh Bowls Club has been a dedicated supporter of the Bowling with Babies program. By expanding their club’s business model to include new programs, the club has seen first hand the success initiatives like this bring to the community.  Click here to read more

Bowling with Babies is a program by Bowls Victoria in partnership with VicHealth thanks to funding from the Active Women and Girls for Health and Wellbeing program. This Bowling with Babies Infographic provides statistics about our first few programs in 2017.