Strategic Plan


Bowls Victoria is pleased to release our 2022-25 Strategic Plan, which outlines how BV will lead, unite and empower the Victorian bowls community to do bowls differently, to connect more people with bowls in Victoria – in more ways – more often!

Bowls Australia, along with all the State & Territory Associations, are now aligned in our joint goal to collaboratively steer our sport in the right direction. Bowls Victoria will look to capitalise on this joint directive, with the support of our regions and clubs, to give us the best opportunity to future-proof the sport of bowls.

Our strategic priorities are:


The Strategic Plan focuses on helping clubs – stronger clubs make a stronger sport. Bowls Victoria will continue to work with and support clubs to engage the community to increase participation, across all levels of the sport, by focusing on the proof points and strategic projects and actions outlined in the Strategic Plan.


Rolling Towards 2030

Bowls Victoria has developed a Strategic Facilities Plan to understand, prioritise and guide the facility development of new and existing bowls clubs over the next 10 years, to enable greater participation and sustainability for the sport of bowls into the future.

Bowls Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government in developing the Strategic Facilities Plan, and recognise Sport Business Partners (SBP) as the independent consultants engaged to develop this strategy.

Bowls Victoria recognises the value of covered greens, which enable play in all weather conditions, all year round.

We are working with SMC Strategies to grow the number of covered greens in Victoria, with the aim of having a covered green within 60 minutes of any given location.  This will ensure the health and accessibility of our sport for generations to come.