Bowls Victoria has dedicated volunteers undertaking inspections of playing greens throughout our 16 Bowls Regions. The Bowls Victoria Greens Committee are currently calling for expressions of interest to become a Greens Inspector and we’re asking club members in all Regions to consider an application.

Become a qualified Greens Inspector

What is the role of a Greens Inspector?

The role of a Greens Inspector is to provide a full assessment of greens to ensure they comply with the laws and rules of the game.

Where do I find information regarding Green, banks, and ditches?

Any club member who has the time, interest and an understanding of the requirements of the information regarding the rules and laws, including information about the inspection of bowling greens can be found here.

How much time would I need to become a Greens Inspector?

The Initially about 3-5 hours. This training session includes an on-green inspection with an accredited Greens Inspector, a couple of hours to read and understand the relevant Laws and Rules applicable to the setting out of a bowling green, followed by a physical assessment of each green, usually taking about 45 minutes (including writing up the proforma report).

When are greens inspected?

Greens are inspected annually, primarily in the months of September, October and early November, in order to ensure they are of a sufficient standard for Pennant. Greens are then checked if any complaints are received regarding the condition of a Green, or in January or February, to confirm the suitability for sectional and Division finals. Other occasions for inspection would be if a club is selected to host a state event.

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Greens Inspector Training / Courses

The process to attain Greens Inspector accreditation is as follows:

  • Complete the online Greens Inspector Course Registration
  • Attend our workshop which includes completing an on-green inspection and physical assessment, with an accredited Greens Inspector. This will include completing a pro-forma report.
  • Read the Information Kit and familiarise yourself with the relevant Laws and Rules applicable to the setting out of a bowling green.
  • Complete a written test at the conclusion of the workshop (found in the Information Kit).

Greens Inspector courses

Club Sunbury
10:00am Sunday 6th November, lunch can be purchased from bistro.

Course breakdown; Intro (30 mins), On-Green (1.5hrs), Test (up to 1hr) – times are approximate.

To register an expression of interest for future courses, please click here.

Didn’t find a course near you?

If the above listed course locations are not suitable, you may request a Greens Inspector Course in your local Region or Division, by filling out the request form here. Alternately you can contact the Greens Committee on

Looking to learn a new skill and be more involved in our sport this year? Why not consider attending a Greens Inspector workshop? It’s free to participate and runs for approximately 3 – 4 hours with sessions commencing at 10:00am. Expand for more information, upcoming workshop sessions and to register.

Training and assessment

Those undertaking this training will need to be able to demonstrate the following to gain accreditation:

  • Inspection of NEW greens and fully-rebuilt greens (i.e. from drainage up), including grass and
    synthetic (sand filled and carpet).
  • Testing Procedures
  • Knowledge of Laws
  • Grading assessment of green and completion of relevant Green Inspection Report
  • Written test

Example course outline:

  • On Green Session (1.5 Hours)
  • Discussion and evaluation time (30 minutes)
  • Exam (1 Hour)

Sessions are free to attend. Tea and Coffee will be provided at all clubs. Attendees will be required to bring their own lunch or purchase from available venues. 

Bowls Victoria’s Greens Committee are always happy to assist you with any queries you have regarding becoming a Greens Inspector. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Testing information

The test includes a short written paper, a greens test and the procedures to be followed when carrying out a green inspection. The test does not contain advice on the maintenance of greens.

This training is intended only for Greens Committee members inspecting greens. However, it is suggested that all Region and Division Greens Committees request their Green Inspectors undertake this training, which will be carried out by members of the Bowls Victoria Greens Committee.

Information kit and course workbook

The information kit covers all aspects of grading greens and will assist you in completing the test. Your completed information kit will be retained by the Greens Inspector assessing you, for reference purposes. Please ensure you complete and sign all relevant areas of this document.


Upon satisfactory completion of the written and practical test, an ID card will be issued to you. This is your Green Inspector Certification Card, and identifies you as a qualified Bowls Victoria Greens Inspector.

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Greens/Lighting Resources

Please find below additional resources and reference material.

Greens and Lighting Guides/Resources

Do you have a new or reconstructed green? You may need a Greens Inspection. The following document provides more information on when a Greens Inspection may be required:

Lighting Resources

Contact the experts.

Innovation with Energy

Bowls Victoria is delighted to announce 3-year partnership with leading Australian LED designer and manufacturer IWE Group.

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Club Marketplace

This service allows Clubs to be able to purchase second hand equipment from other clubs, and allows those Clubs looking to sell to get some money back on equipment. The marketplace is purely for greens maintenance equipment, such as mowers and rollers, and is NOT for the sale of bowls or playing equipment. 

Please note: Terms and conditions apply. Bowls Victoria’s role is to put clubs in touch with one another to buy and sell. We are not acting on behalf of buyers or sellers in negotiating sales, this needs to be undertaken by each independent club.

Submit your item to sell or express your interest to buy:

To submit your item for sale, please complete our online form. Two high-quality photos (unedited and in original size) are required as part of the application process. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible, including the condition, dimensions and brand. 

The Bowls Victoria Greens Committee has developed the marketplace for clubs to buy and sell second hand equipment for greens maintenance.

Contact Us

The Bowls Victoria Greens Committee are responsible for Greens administration.

These dedicated volunteers are not based at the Bowls Victoria office and therefore we ask that any questions you have concerning Greens be emailed to in the first instance.

Alternatively you can check if your Bowls Region has a Greens contact person:

If you have any further questions or need assistance please contact Bowls Victoria’s greens experts by expanding above.