Greens/Lighting Resources

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Lighting Resources

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Innovation with Energy

Bowls Victoria is delighted to announce 3-year partnership with leading Australian LED designer and manufacturer IWE Group.

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Greens Advisors

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Club Marketplace

This service allows Clubs to be able to purchase second hand equipment from other clubs, and allows those Clubs looking to sell to get some money back on equipment. The marketplace is purely for greens maintenance equipment, such as mowers and rollers, and is NOT for the sale of bowls or playing equipment. 

Please note: Terms and conditions apply. Bowls Victoria’s role is to put clubs in touch with one another to buy and sell. We are not acting on behalf of buyers or sellers in negotiating sales, this needs to be undertaken by each independent club.

Submit your item to sell or express your interest to buy:

To submit your item for sale, please complete our online form. Two high-quality photos (unedited and in original size) are required as part of the application process. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible, including the condition, dimensions and brand. 

The Bowls Victoria Greens Advisory Committee has developed the marketplace for clubs to buy and sell second hand equipment for greens maintenance.

Contact Us

The Bowls Victoria Greens Advisory Committee are responsible for Greens administration.

These dedicated volunteers are not based at the Bowls Victoria office and therefore we ask that any questions you have concerning Greens be emailed to in the first instance.

Alternatively you can check if your Bowls Region has a Greens contact person:

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance please contact Bowls Victoria’s greens experts by expanding above.