Club Affiliation Fees

Annual Club Membership Fees

Bowls Victoria has listened to Clubs and Region’s widely requested review and feedback of the previous Club Fixed Fee Affiliation Model.

There was strong feedback from Clubs and Regions that a per-head model was the preference.

Many clubs wrote to BV believing the Club Fixed Fee Model was unfair and that some clubs were being charged for members they no longer had. The Board has listened and acted on that feedback.

The final message was to make the model simple and transparent. Clubs and Regions asked that Bowls Victoria strive for transparency and to remove the difficult to understand Hardship Relief Program and the often-confusing Clearance Rebates. The Board has also incorporated these requests.

The model is a sliding scale, as per the table below:

Membership rangeAmount per head

Looking after our smaller clubs

Another clear message from the responses we received, was to take into consideration smaller clubs and their difficulties in raising revenue. The Board has also incorporated this request into the new model.

The premise of looking after smaller clubs is simple.

Example: Take two clubs as an example: Club A, has 20 members and runs a raffle each week where they typically sell 40 tickets. Club B, has 80 members and also runs a raffle each week, but they sell 160 tickets. Both clubs buy raffle books, coordinate prizes, need volunteers to sell tickets, but one club makes 4 times the income.

The change results in the two smallest categories of clubs collectively paying $23,000 less than the previous model.

In subsequent years, membership figures will be taken annually and the appropriate fee calculated accordingly.


There was also feedback surround the description on the invoices sent annually to clubs. This new model will allow for a more accurate description to be included on all invoices sent to clubs to assist with transparency. Invoices will be sent out to clubs during the first week of July. Payment time has also been extended by 30 days, to the due date of August 31st. Bowls Victoria’s Accounts Relievable Policy can be found here.

Thank you

We understand an affiliation model isn’t ever going to be met with joy, but we have committed to listening to what Clubs and Regions understandably wanted and acted accordingly. The Board are pleased to have be able to meet all requests.


If you have any questions regarding fees and the Club Based Affiliation Fee Model, please contact Betty Fang, Finance Manager on