Club Affiliation Fees


During the 2019 Region Visits, Clubs sought more notice of the Club Membership fees to assist Club budgeting.

In response, Bowls Victoria sent communication to all clubs that the current Club Based Affiliation model had been extended for another year. To see a copy of this notice, please click here.

Club Membership invoices will be sent to Clubs in the first week of July and will be due by August 31,  2019.


To assist Clubs and Club Members to better understand the CBA Fees Model, the following information has been provided.

For detailed information about our fee model, please click here.

For a summary and recap about our fee model, please click here.

Bowls Victoria has not reverted to a per capita model. It remains a Club Based Affiliation Fee Model.

The CBA Fee Model was originally discussed at the 2016-17 Region meetings, however, there still appears to be a need for explanation and clarification.

The Bowls Victoria Board spent many hours looking at different scenarios to determine a “fair and equitable” basis. More than 35 scenarios with differing permutations and combinations were calculated, analysed and compared on an individual Club by Club basis.

If you have any questions regarding fees and the Club Based Affiliation Fee Model, please contact Betty Fang, Finance Manager on