Education & Training

We are committed to providing education and training to both clubs and members within Victoria, on a wide range of topics, including BowlsLink. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from clubs on any training that may be required. Please check this page regularly for updates and what’s on.

Upcoming Sessions (Nov-Dec)

Creating an Inclusive & Sustainable Club (webinar)

These 2-part workshops, in the form of webinars, will cover the following important topics:

  • Identifying simple tasks that your club can undertake to become more inclusive and sustainable long-term.
  • Modify and adapt to include bowlers of all abilities, and gain confidence including gender-diverse bowlers.
  • Articulate the benefits of being an Inclusive Club.
  • Ask questions and interact with presenters.

Block 1: Wednesdays 1st September & 13th October (2-part workshop)
Block 2: Wednesday 10th November & 8th December 2021 (2-part workshop)

Duration: 2 hours per session.

On completion of first session, info will be sent to register for second session. Registrations not yet open for Nov/Dec workshops.

All participants completing the 2 sessions (either Sep/Oct or Nov/Dec) will go into the draw to win a set of Henselite bowls for your club!

Recent Training Webinars ▶️

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Conditions of Play Explained

This webinar runs through the new 2021/22 Conditions of Play, including:

  • What’s NEW this year
  • Commonly misunderstood Conditions of Play/Clauses
  • Q&A session

Duration: 1 hour

Need to find answers fast? Quicklinks below.

General information:

Changes to Conditions of Play:

  • Pennant permits (Metro), marquee players and more 09:41
  • Umpire of the day 14:43
  • Eligibility to play finals 16:13
  • Pre-game practice 19:11
  • Rink draws & abandoned games 22:00
  • Inclement weather 26:06

More information:

  • Reorganisation of Metro Pennant 2022/23 32:18
  • Q&A 39:42
  • BV further resources 56:47

Side Manager Role Explored

Everything a Side Manager needs to know!

This webinar explores the important role of being a Side Manager, including:

  • What is the role of a Side Manager?
  • BowlsLink Update
  • Q&A session

Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes.


  • Unpacking the role of Side Manager 01:52
  • Q&A 50:38
  • Best Practices and Further Information 102:14

Disciplinary Hearing Procedures

No sports club enjoys the rare necessity of disciplining members when behavioural issues arise.

To take the stress out of a sometimes daunting task, BV’s webinar takes clubs through the proper processes step-by-step.

Duration: 46 minutes.


BowlsLink is more than just a membership database, it is also the first purpose-built competition management system our sport has ever had. It allows Club Administrators (most likely your Club Secretary) to manage:

  • Club information
  • Individual Member data
  • Competition entry, eg: Pennant, Club Championships, Tournaments, etc.
  • Competition results
  • Club website
  • Email campaigns
  • Invoicing

In addition, your individual members can manage their own profile and enter events like your Club events or even State events like the Victorian Open, directly via BowlsLink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BowlsLink?

BowlsLink is more than just a database system, it is the first purpose-built results and competition management system our sport has ever had. It allows Club Administrators (most likely your Club Secretary) to manage members details through a membership portal.

Clubs will be added to competitions (e.g. Pennant) so they can enter teams and results. It will also allow clubs to create a website, send emails and invoice members.

What are the benefits of BowlsLink?

Having the one online management system that all our bowling clubs are using has so many benefits across the State when it comes to competitions. Regions can run their Pennant competitions through the system, teams and results can be entered online by the clubs, so no more calling through results or sending in yellow sheets.

State Championship competitions can be created through the system, Regions can set up their competitions and individual members can enter using their BowlsLink account. Individual members can use their BowlsLink account to enter their own competitions like the Australian Open and the Victorian Open.

How can members start using BowlsLink?

Every member that is added through your club membership portal has a National Identification Number (NIN). The easiest way to log into your BowlsLink account is to follow the steps below:

  1. Type into your web browser.
  2. Reset your password, the only method to reset your password is to use your email address to login.
  3. Once your password has been reset you can use your email address and that password to login.
  4. Once you have logged into BowlsLink you can: edit your personal details, view past and present competitions and down-the-track, enter competitions.

What is BowlsLink? Expand above to find out.

BowlsLink Member Profiles

Having access to your own record ensures that you are in control of your details.

Over the coming months Bowls Victoria will provide simple login instructions and assistance to all of our members through their Clubs. Once your profile is activated, this will give you, the member, access to your personal member profile on BowlsLink, which opens up a range of game-changing possibilities.

To do this for our members, everyone will require a valid email address. A recent review has shown we are missing approximately 60% of club member email addresses. Which also means many people are missing out on the benefits enjoyed by others.

To make sure you don’t miss out, please fill in the following online form, providing us with your full name, Club, and email address and we will do the rest.

For families with a shared email address (whether partners or parent/child) it is okay to share email addresses with other members, but please note that if you wish to use the email address to login only one user can do so. Other users can choose to login with their National ID Number or their mobile phone number.

Under no circumstances will Bowls Victoria share member information with third parties and all appropriate privacy policies and guidelines apply.

Bowls Victoria Privacy Policy
Please click here to read.

Check your stats, save time entering events with AutoFill, track your playing history, and much more. Opening a range of game-changing possibilities.

BowlsLink Club Admin Change Request Form

This online form is to be submitted by a Club Official (preferably the Secretary, CCO, or President) to request the addition or removal of a Club Administrator to BowlsLink for your club. Bowls Victoria recommends a minimum of two Club Administrators per club.

Looking to add or change who your Club’s BowlsLink Administrators are? Click above.

Need Assistance?

For more assistance, please contact
Matt Ottobre
P: 0411 516 328

Or contact your club’s Regional Bowls Manager.

For more help, please contact us. Click above for more details.

Video/Print Tutorials & Webinars

Club Training and Education Manager Matt Ottobre’s series of tutorials and webinars have been recorded for those who were not able to participate in the live webinars. Covering each of the modules within BowlsLink, the recordings will be added here as they are released, accompanied with training manuals for print.


Adding a Certification in BowlsLink (vaccination status)

This short instructional video explains how clubs, once they have sighted a member’s proof of vaccination, can record it in the member’s BowlsLink profile.

Video length: 3 mins

Resetting your BowlsLink Password

Are you a bowler looking to enter a Bowls Victoria competition? Here’s a video demonstrating the simple and efficient way to do so using BowlsLink.

Video length: 4 mins

Updating Member Details

Are you a Club Administrator looking to update your club members’ details? This short video explains and demonstrates how to update key contact details and personal information.

Video length: 4 mins

How to enter a competition using BowlsLink

Are you a bowler looking to enter a Bowls Victoria competition? Here’s a video demonstrating the simple and efficient way to do so using BowlsLink.

Video length: 4 mins

Webinar Series

Webinar 1 – Membership

Module breakdown and quick links:

Webinar length: 55 mins

Webinar 2 – Email Campaigns

Module breakdown and quick links:

  • Intro
  • Member Groups 06:00
  • Access Email Campaigns 09:05
  • Email Creation 09:10
  • Define Recipients 28:00
  • Send a test 28:15
  • Schedule an email 30:10
  • Insight Feature 32:00
  • Tips from BV’s Communications and Marketing Manager 34:18

Webinar length: 49 mins

Webinar 3 – Competitions

This first webinar in the Competition Module series will teach you how to enter all your club’s pennant data.

Module breakdown and quick links:

Webinar length: 59 mins

Webinar 4 – The NEW Transfer Process

The second webinar in the Membership Module teaches clubs how to complete a player transfer from July 2021 within the BowlsLink system.

Webinar length: 43 mins

Webinar 5 – Changes to the Result Process

Due to recent improvements to the BowlsLink system, Webinar 5 takes Club admins through the new result process, including:

  • Results Process explained
  • Live demo on how to enter teams and results
  • How to allow other members to manage sides
  • Live Q & A

Webinar length: 32 mins