Education & Training

We are committed to providing education and training to both clubs and members within Victoria, on a wide range of topics, including BowlsLink. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from clubs on any training that may be required. Please check this page regularly for updates and what’s on.

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Upcoming Webinars ▶️

Conditions of Play Explained (Metro Pennant)

This webinar runs through the new Metro Pennant 2022/23 Conditions of Play, including:

  • What’s NEW this year
  • Commonly misunderstood Conditions of Play/Clauses
  • Q&A session

When: Tuesday 13th September, 2022, 6.00pm.

Duration: 1 hour

Side Manager Role Explored

Everything a Side Manager needs to know!

This webinar explores the important role of being a Side Manager, including:

  • What is the role of a Side Manager?
  • BowlsLink Update
  • Q&A session

When: Tuesday 27th September, 2002. 10.00am or 6.00pm.

Duration: 1 hour

Previously Recorded Webinars ▶️

Disciplinary Hearing Procedures

No sports club enjoys the rare necessity of disciplining members when behavioural issues arise.

To take the stress out of a sometimes daunting task, BV’s webinar takes clubs through the proper processes step-by-step.

Duration: 46 minutes.


BowlsLink is more than just a membership database, it is also the first purpose-built competition management system our sport has ever had. It allows Club Administrators (most likely your Club Secretary) to manage:

  • Club information
  • Individual Member data
  • Competition entry
    eg: Pennant, Club Championships, Tournaments, etc.
  • Competition results
  • Club website
  • Email campaigns
  • Invoicing

In addition, your individual members can manage their own profile and enter events like your Club events or even State events like the Victorian Open, directly via BowlsLink –

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BowlsLink?

BowlsLink is more than just a database system, it is the first purpose-built results and competition management system our sport has ever had. It allows Club Administrators (most likely your Club Secretary) to manage members details through a membership portal.

Clubs will be added to competitions (e.g. Pennant) so they can enter teams and results. It will also allow clubs to create a website, send emails and invoice members.

What are the benefits of BowlsLink?

Having the one online management system that all our bowling clubs are using has so many benefits across the State when it comes to competitions. Regions can run their Pennant competitions through the system, teams and results can be entered online by the clubs, so no more calling through results or sending in yellow sheets.

State Championship competitions can be created through the system, Regions can set up their competitions and individual members can enter using their BowlsLink account. Individual members can use their BowlsLink account to enter their own competitions like the Australian Open and the Victorian Open.

How can members start using BowlsLink?

Every member that is added through your club membership portal has a National Identification Number (NIN). The easiest way to log into your BowlsLink account is to follow the steps below:

  1. Type into your web browser.
  2. Reset your password, the only method to reset your password is to use your email address to login.
  3. Once your password has been reset you can use your email address and that password to login.
  4. Once you have logged into BowlsLink you can: edit your personal details, view past and present competitions and down-the-track, enter competitions.

What is BowlsLink? Expand above to find out.

BowlsLink Member Profiles

Having access to your own record ensures that you are in control of your details.

Over the coming months Bowls Victoria will provide simple login instructions and assistance to all of our members through their Clubs. Once your profile is activated, this will give you, the member, access to your personal member profile on BowlsLink, which opens up a range of game-changing possibilities.

To do this for our members, everyone will require a valid email address. A recent review has shown we are missing approximately 60% of club member email addresses. Which also means many people are missing out on the benefits enjoyed by others.

To make sure you don’t miss out, please fill in the following online form, providing us with your full name, Club, and email address and we will do the rest.

For families with a shared email address (whether partners or parent/child) it is okay to share email addresses with other members, but please note that if you wish to use the email address to login only one user can do so. Other users can choose to login with their National ID Number or their mobile phone number.

Under no circumstances will Bowls Victoria share member information with third parties and all appropriate privacy policies and guidelines apply.

Bowls Victoria Privacy Policy
Please click here to read.

Check your stats, save time entering events with AutoFill, track your playing history, and much more. Opening a range of game-changing possibilities.

BowlsLink Club Admin Change Request Form

This online form is to be submitted by a Club Official (preferably the Secretary, CCO, or President) to request the addition or removal of a Club Administrator to BowlsLink for your club. Bowls Victoria recommends a minimum of two Club Administrators per club.

Looking to add or change who your Club’s BowlsLink Administrators are? Click above.

Video/Print Tutorials & Webinars

Club Training and Education Manager Matt Ottobre’s series of tutorials and webinars have been recorded for those who were not able to participate in the live webinars. Covering each of the modules within BowlsLink, the recordings will be added here as they are released, accompanied with training manuals for print.


Adding a Certification in BowlsLink (vaccination status)

This short instructional video explains how clubs, once they have sighted a member’s proof of vaccination, can record it in the member’s BowlsLink profile.

Video length: 3 mins

Resetting your BowlsLink Password

Are you a bowler looking to enter a Bowls Victoria competition? Here’s a video demonstrating the simple and efficient way to do so using BowlsLink.

Video length: 4 mins

Updating Member Details

Are you a Club Administrator looking to update your club members’ details? This short video explains and demonstrates how to update key contact details and personal information.

Video length: 4 mins

How to enter a competition using BowlsLink

Are you a bowler looking to enter a Bowls Victoria competition? Here’s a video demonstrating the simple and efficient way to do so using BowlsLink.

Video length: 4 mins

Webinar Series

Webinar 1 – Membership

Module breakdown and quicklinks:

Webinar length: 55 mins

Webinar 2 – Email Campaigns

Module breakdown and quicklinks:

  • Intro
  • Member Groups 06:00
  • Access Email Campaigns 09:05
  • Email Creation 09:10
  • Define Recipients 28:00
  • Send a test 28:15
  • Schedule an email 30:10
  • Insight Feature 32:00
  • Tips from BV’s Communications and Marketing Manager 34:18

Webinar length: 49 mins

Webinar 3 – Competitions

This first webinar in the Competition Module series will teach you how to enter all your club’s pennant data.

Module breakdown and quicklinks:

Webinar length: 59 mins

Webinar 4 – The NEW Transfer Process

The second webinar in the Membership Module teaches clubs how to complete a player transfer from July 2021 within the BowlsLink system.

Webinar length: 43 mins

Webinar 5 – Changes to the Result Process

Due to recent improvements to the BowlsLink system, Webinar 5 takes Club admins through the new result process, including:

  • Results Process explained
  • Live demo on how to enter teams and results
  • How to allow other members to manage sides
  • Live Q & A

Webinar length: 32 mins

Need Further Assistance?

For more assistance, please contact:
Matt Ottobre
P: 0411 516 328

Or contact your club’s Regional Bowls Manager.

For more help, please contact us. Click above for more details.


All the information and resources on how to become or re-accredit as a Marker, Measurer or Umpire.


Marker Accreditation Information

The interactive Marker Accreditation Module will contain indoor and outdoor discussions and activities. Focusing on the things a marker should do when preparing to mark, laws relating to marking and how to use the index of the law book plus other topics will be workshopped indoors. Outside on the green, participants will discover the best techniques for selecting distances, using the correct equipment and identifying the best methods for anticipating player’s questions.

At the completion of the Marker Accreditation Module, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify values and ethical behaviour expected of a marker.
  • Plan and prepare for the requirements of marking.
  • Self reflect on performance after the competition.
  • Identify and manage the risks associated with marking.
  • Apply a positive and cooperative attitude towards other officials, players and spectators.
  • Using the Laws of the Game of Bowls in Australia, correctly identify and interpret the laws relevant to marking when called upon to do so.
  • Identify the correct position for the jack/mat at the start of an end.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate position for a marker to stand on the green during a game.
  • Select and use the appropriate method for marking touchers.
  • Identify the equipment that a marker needs in their possession during the game.
  • Correctly demonstrate the use of equipment needed to mark a game.
  • Using correct terminology and signals, demonstrate appropriate feedback regarding the state of the head during play when asked by the player in possession of the rink.
  • At the completion of the end, provide appropriate terminology and signals of the result of the end.
  • Accurately mark a singles game in a timely and professional manner including correctly maintaining a neat and accurate scorecard.

The role of a Marker is critical at all levels of the game. This accreditation is perfect for participants who would like to become proficient Markers with intentions of performing the role of a marker at Club events, Region events and also National events.

Measurer Accreditation Information

The Measurer Accreditation Module will predominantly be conducted on the green exploring the uses of a variety of approved pieces of equipment. The laws relating to the role of a Measurer will also be discussed coupled with the role of a measurer at club level. At the completion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify values and ethical behaviour expected of a measurer.
  • Plan and prepare for the requirements of measuring.
  • Identify and manage the risks associated with measuring.
  • Apply a positive and cooperative attitude towards other officials, players and spectators.
  • Using the Laws of the Game of Bowls in Australia, correctly identify and interpret the laws relevant to measuring when called upon to do so.
  • Identify and correctly demonstrate the equipment that a measurer needs in their possession during the game.
  • Utilise a range of communication strategies to communicate decisions to players in an inclusive manner.
  • Correctly measure the distance between multiple points when called upon to do so.

Many players would like to become skilful at Measuring. Completing the measuring  component will  increase  your skills and abilities in undertaking accurate measures. This accreditation is designed to provide support for measurers at club level and above. The accreditation will ensure the participants are working on the green learning and practising measures using all types of approved equipment.

National Umpire Accreditation Information

The National Umpire Accreditation is aimed at umpires wishing to officiate at Club, Zone/District/Region level and above. National umpires will learn how to use the index of the law book and how to correctly interpret laws.

As 95% of the work umpires complete is conducted on the green, some of the course will be spent on the green working through scenarios relating to the laws of the sport. National Umpires will work in groups to correctly interpret the laws and discuss the best methods for communicating with players and other officials.

At the end of the module, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify and display the values and ethical behaviour expected of an umpire at all levels of the game.
  • Plan and prepare for the requirements of umpiring at all levels of the game.
  • Maintain a level of fitness appropriate to the standard of bowls at all levels of the game.
  • Review own performance post competition.
  • Display a range of body language techniques in order to promote professionalism and enhance an air of presence.
  • Using the index of the Laws of the Game of Bowls in Australia, correctly identify, interpret and apply the relevant laws appropriate to the game when called upon to do so.
  • Utilise a range of communication strategies to communicate decisions to players in an inclusive manner.
  • Apply a positive and cooperative attitude towards officials, other officials, players and spectators.
  • Identify and manage the risks associated with umpiring and abide by the legal responsibilities expected of an umpire.
  • Resolve disputes between players relating to the Law and Rules under which the game is being played.

The National Umpire accreditation is aimed at umpires wishing to officiate at club and Regional level and above. National umpires will learn how to use the index of the law book and how to correctly interpret laws. Those people wishing to become an accredited Umpire must be proficient in all aspects of the game.

International Technical Official (ITO)

Applicants for the ITO position must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • Have actively officiated for a minimum period of three years. That is, have officiated annually in at least five events at any level for a combined total of at least thirty hours;
  • Have officiated in at least two International/National/National Division (State/Region/District) events in the two years immediately prior to the date of application;
  • Have officiated as a marker during the quarter-final, semi-final or final stages of at least two International/National/National Division (State/County/Province/Region) events in the two years immediately prior to the date of application.

The ITO accreditation is a World Bowls accreditation which lasts five years. The frequency of and locations for the assessments will be decided by World Bowls.

Course Registration

Please fill out the Umpire, Marker & Measurer Accreditation & Reaccreditation Application Form, have it signed by your club’s secretary and email the form to Bowls Victoria at

Once processed, Bowls Victoria will forward your application to your relevant Region and the local Umpiring coordinator will then contact you to advise of the next available course.

There are three levels of accreditation to officiate bowls, including the specific roles of Marker and Measurer, which lead to becoming and accredited National Umpire.


Umpire, Markers and Measurers accreditation expires after 4 years, as noted on your accreditation card. Reaccreditation should occur prior to expiry, however a short window between expiry and reaccreditation will be accepted at BV’s discretion.

The reaccreditation process takes approximately one hour and is supervised and organised by your Region’s or Division’s Presenter and Assessor.

When reaccrediting as an umpire you must undertake five questions relating to each category of marking, umpiring, and measuring. There will also be on green exercises related to measuring and marking.

To reaccredit please complete the Umpire, Marker & Measurer Accreditation & Reaccreditation Application Form, have it signed by your club’s secretary and email the form to Bowls Victoria at Once processed, Bowls Victoria will forward your application to your relevant Region and the local Umpiring coordinator will then contact you to advise of the next available course.

Bowls Victoria encourages members to reaccredit so that you can continue your much-valued contribution to the sport of bowls.

If you’re already an accredited umpire or have been in the past, find out how to Re-accredit.

Contact us about Umpiring Accreditations

For more information on umpiring, becoming an official or upcoming umpire courses, please contact your Bowls Region Head Umpire here:

For application form enquiries please contact Bowls Victoria on:
P: (03) 9861 7100 – Ext. no. 2

If you have any further questions or need assistance please contact Bowls Victoria’s umpiring experts by expanding above.


Bowls Victoria offers a variety of courses for new and accrediting coaches. Coaches play an important role in bowls by assisting players to develop their playing skills on the green.

Our coaches are responsible for training, analysing a performance, and providing instruction, mentoring and encouragement to help develop good bowlers into great bowler.

A coach is one of the first people a new player meets when they come to a club. Due to this, it’s important that as a coach, you possess the necessary personality, skills, knowledge and approach to ensure a player receives a quality coaching experience.

As a coach, it’s important that you have some important key attributes to guide and support all bowlers:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • A sensitive, supportive and positive approach
  • The ability to build confidence and motivate others
  • A helpful and proactive attitude
  • Good time management and patience

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Club coach

Coaches who are coaching a pennant team will benefit from obtaining this accreditation as the course covers the constants and variables of a delivery, managing the safely aspects of bowls and harnessing various communication methods.

Competency statements:

  • Demonstrate the legal and ethical responsibilities of a club coach
  • Identify the roles and information needs of a club coach
  • Review the coaching session
  • Demonstrate appropriate risk management audit
  • Apply risk management principles
  • Work cooperatively with parents, officials and sports administrators
  • Conduct a coaching session to teach skills and tactics
  • Identify appropriate delivery options to place bowl smoothly on running surface
  • Identify appropriate drills for shot development
  • Apply technique analysis to provide appropriate feedback
  • Identify the correlation between line and weight and the impact of environmental conditions
  • Implement inclusive activities for the coaching of bowls
  • Identify physical growth and development considerations
  • Outline social development considerations
  • Identify the specific responsibilities of lead, second, third and skip
  • Apply the basic rules for sport of Lawn Bowls
  • Identify issues regarding drugs in sport
  • Identify common bowls terminology for club level competition
  • Assist athletes with basic nutritional strategies for sports performance
  • Demonstrate effective communication strategies

The Club Coach Accreditation is ideally suited to coaches regularly working at club level, either coaching a team or individual coaching.

Introductory coach

This accreditation is perfect for the coach who is assigned a group of bowlers celebrating an event (e.g. Christmas party). The course takes coaches through the safety aspects of organising a group on the green and a plethora of activities designed to engage new participants instantly! 

Competency statements:

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of an introductory coach
  • Assess and manage the risks of coaching at an Introductory level
  • Utilise a range of communication techniques
  • Plan and safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation through games and activities
  • Adapt activities to meet player abilities

The Introductory Coach Accreditation is ideally suited to coaches working with schools, social bowlers and those introducing new bowlers to the game.

Selection module

Coaches should attend this workshop to learn more about the benchmarking players which can assist with selection. Selectors and committee members should attend this workshop to learn how to create a selection policy and a healthy philosophy for their club.

Competency statements:

  • Explain the role of a selection panel and their relationship with coaches, players and committee
  • members
  • Develop a selection policy and criteria and explain their purpose
  • Explain the process of creating performance standards
  • Explain the legal and ethical considerations, appeals and repercussions of selection 
  • Collect and manage the use of data to help selectors

The Selection Module is designed for club coaches, selectors and others who are keen to ensure their club has best practice selection standards.

Competition module

Coaches should attend this workshop to gain further information on how to best prepare players for competition, where to find the laws of the sport and conditions of play and understand how to educate players to focus on what they can control. The workshop contains practical on green elements where participants can discover what their own shot timeline is and how best to collect statistics.

Competency statements:

  • Describe the things a player can influence
  • Explain the role of a skip
  • Demonstrate effective communication between skip and team members
  • Analyse the head and provide appropriate feedback to your players
  • Record accurate scores during a game

The Competition Module focuses on the aspects of competitive bowls.

Bowlers Arm upskill sessions

The sessions will include

A general overview of coaching

  • Discussion around the different types of bowling arm devices available
  • Discuss types of bowling techniques eg ( fixed, short and long step deliveries)
  • Have bowlers bowl into ditch so coaches can assess the correct length of the device is suitable for the applicant
  • Rolling into the ditch at 6 metres to assess technique and pre-shot routines


  • To assess and assist with weight control
  • Up shots and over draw
  • Drives for those as requested.

The cost to attend these sessions will be $25.

Bowls Victoria run 3-hour coaching module specifically focused on the skills and knowledge you need to better coach Arm Bowlers.

Advanced Coach

Administered by Bowls Australia, the Advanced Coach accreditation is suited to coaches whom Bowls Victoria believe will provide a valuable experience for a coach at a region, state level, or premier league or development level. Please expand above for course information.

Please click to expand for more information and/or register for a course.


The Introductory & Club Coach Reaccreditation Policy is built on the fundamental premise that coaches who volunteer their time within their club should be able to do so without hassle, provided their club values their services.

The Introductory & Club Coach Reaccreditation model is:

  • Regular Practical Coaching
    All coaches should be actively practising their craft. They are required to keep a log of regular coaching (recommended to be 60 hours over four years for Introductory Coaches & 200 hours over four years for Club Coaches. Please note if this is not achieved this will not effect eligibility for reaccreditation). The log can be in the form of a notebook, excel spreadsheet or any other means of demonstrating hours of practical coaching over a four year period. This must be available at time of reaccreditation and shown to the coach’s nominated club (see point two).
  • Complete a Reaccreditation Application form with updated details
    When reaccrediting, coaches must complete the relevant application form to ensure Bowls Victoria has the current details for all the coaches within Victoria. These forms include current Working with Children Check (WWCC) details, which is a requirement for all new and reaccrediting coaches.
  • Current and Competent letter’ from their nominated Club
    All coaches are required to have their Club president/secretary verify their competency and hours of active coaching. In signing this letter, the Club is endorsing that:
  • the reaccreditation candidate has been actively coaching (and they have seen the log detailing the hours); and
  • the Club is satisfied with the performance of the coach and is happy for that coach to continue.
  • If the Club does not value the services of the coach, they are free to decline signing the ‘current and competent letter’.
  • View ‘The Coaches Den’ coaching videos
    Bowls Australia has developed several 2 – 5 minute videos which will form the personal development component of reaccreditation. These videos will be updated from time to time in accordance with relevant industry standards and legislation changes. The videos are interesting, valuable and relevant to current coaching needs and a great resources for coaches.

▶️ ‘The Coaches Den’ videos

Need to reaccredit your coaching qualifications? Please expand for more information.


Program update coming soon.

CoachForce aims to administer traditional coach and umpire accreditations, generate greater engagement in personal and professional development, increase retention of existing bowlers and provide mentoring opportunities.

The Bowls Victoria’s CoachForce program is a club support initiative available to all Bowls Clubs in Victoria.

Contact BV Coaching

For more information on coaching or becoming a coach please contact:
Matthew Ottobre
Education & Training Manager
P: 0411 516 328

If you have any further questions or need assistance please contact Bowls Victoria’s coaching experts by expanding above.


All the information and resources on how to become a qualified Greens Inspector.

Become an Greens Inspector

What is the role of a Greens Inspector?

The role of a Greens Inspector is to provide a full assessment of greens to ensure they comply with the Laws and Rules of the game.

Where do I find information regarding Green, banks, and ditches?

Any club member who has the time, interest and an understanding of the requirements of the Information regarding the Rules and Laws, including information about the inspection of bowling greens can be found here.

How much time would I need to become a Greens Inspector?

The Initially about 3-5 hours. This training session includes an on-green inspection with an accredited Greens Inspector, a couple of hours to read and understand the relevant Laws and Rules applicable to the setting out of a bowling green, followed by a physical assessment of each green, usually taking about 45 minutes (including writing up the proforma report).

When are greens inspected?

Greens are inspected annually, primarily in the months of September, October and early November, in order to ensure they are of a sufficient standard for Pennant. Greens are then checked if any complaints are received regarding the condition of a Green, or in January or February, to confirm the suitability for sectional and Division finals. Other occasions for inspection would be if a club is selected to host a state event.

Bowls Victoria has dedicated volunteers undertaking inspections of playing greens throughout our 16 Bowls Regions. The Bowls Victoria Greens Committee are currently calling for expressions of interest to become a Greens Inspector and we’re asking club members in all Regions to consider an application.

Please expand above for FAQs.

Greens Inspector Training

To minimise any criticism directed at Greens Inspectors while carrying out their duties, those seeking Greens Inspector accreditation need to be suitably educated and trained.

The process to attain Greens Inspector accreditation is as follows:

  • Complete the online Greens Inspector Course Registration
  • Attend our workshop which includes completing an on-green inspection and physical assessment, with an accredited Greens Inspector. This will include completing a pro-forma report.
  • Read the Information Kit and familiarise yourself with the relevant Laws and Rules applicable to the setting out of a bowling green.
  • Complete a written test at the conclusion of the workshop (found in the Information Kit).

Upcoming Greens Inspector courses

Hawthorn Bowling Club
10:00am Thursday 6th October, BYO lunch.

Paynesville Bowling Club
10:00am Monday 24th October, BYO lunch.

Club Sunbury
10:00am Sunday 6th November, lunch can be purchased from bistro.

Course breakdown; Intro (30 mins), On-Green (1.5hrs), Test (up to 1hr) – times are approximate.

To register an expression of interest for future courses, please click here.

Didn’t find a course near you?

If the above listed course locations are not suitable, you may request a Greens Inspector Course in your local Region or Division, by filling out the request form here. Alternately you can contact the Greens Committee on

Looking to learn a new skill and be more involved in our sport this year? Why not consider attending one of the below Greens Inspector workshops? It’s free to participate and runs for approximately 3 – 4 hours with sessions commencing at 10:00am. Expand for more information, upcoming workshop sessions and to register.

Training and assessment

Those undertaking this training will need to be able to demonstrate the following to gain accreditation:

  • Inspection of NEW greens and fully-rebuilt greens (i.e. from drainage up), including grass and
    synthetic (sand filled and carpet).
  • Testing Procedures
  • Knowledge of Laws
  • Grading assessment of green and completion of relevant Green Inspection Report
  • Written test

Example course outline:

  • On Green Session (1.5 Hours)
  • Discussion and evaluation time (30 minutes)
  • Exam (1 Hour)

Sessions are free to attend. Tea and Coffee will be provided at all clubs. Attendees will be required to bring their own lunch or purchase from available venues. 

Bowls Victoria’s Greens Committee are always happy to assist you with any queries you have regarding becoming a Greens Inspector. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Testing information

The test includes a short written paper, a greens test and the procedures to be followed when carrying out a green inspection. The test does not contain advice on the maintenance of greens.

This training is intended only for Greens Committee members inspecting greens. However, it is suggested that all Region and Division Greens Committees request their Green Inspectors undertake this training, which will be carried out by members of the Bowls Victoria Greens Committee.

Information kit and course workbook

The information kit covers all aspects of grading greens and will assist you in completing the test. Your completed information kit will be retained by the Greens Inspector assessing you, for reference purposes. Please ensure you complete and sign all relevant areas of this document.


Upon satisfactory completion of the written and practical test, an ID card will be issued to you. This is your Green Inspector Certification Card, and identifies you as a qualified Bowls Victoria Greens Inspector.

Please expand for upcoming courses and assessment information.

Contact BV Greens

The Bowls Victoria Greens Committee are responsible for Greens administration.

These dedicated volunteers are not based at the Bowls Victoria office and therefore we ask that any questions you have concerning greens be emailed to in the first instance.

If you have any further questions or need assistance please contact Bowls Victoria’s greens experts by expanding above.


One of the fantastic innovations to our sport of recent times has been the concept of live broadcasting and livestreaming. Television, of course, has been streaming live broadcasts over the air and cable much longer than internet webcasting.