First Aid & Medical Emergency Plan

Clubs should ensure that first aid measures are in place should an incident occur and are encouraged to follow the Victorian WorkCover Authority Compliance Code – First Aid in the Workplace which prescribes that in a low risk ‘workplace’ first aid compliance is achieved by providing:

  • First Aid Officer (One first aid officer for 10-50 employees/Two first aid officers for 51-100 employees/An additional first aid officer for every additional 100 employees)
  • First Aid Kits (One first aid kit for 10-50 employees/One additional kit for every additional 50 employees up to 200/One additional kit for every 100 additional employees above 200)

St John Ambulance (VIC) offer first aid training (Clubs can organise an ‘in-house’ training course) and kits for Clubs along with Defibrillators.

Every Club should also have a Medical Emergency Plan because when something serious happens, treating a person properly in the first minutes can make all the difference:

Sports Medicine Australia: Medical Emergency Planning Guide
Club Help: Emergency Plans