Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at Bowls Victoria involves the relationships between management, the board, and our stakeholders. It provides the structure through which the objectives of Bowls Victoria are set, and the means of attaining objectives and monitoring performance are determined.

The following information relates to Bowls Victoria’s corporate governance framework. For clubs seeking assistance on policy creation, please visit the Club Assist page or contact Bowls Victoria’s Strategic Business Analyst.


Bowls Victoria Constitution


Bowls Victoria Regulations

Board Charter and Sub Committee Terms of Reference

Board of Directors Charter & Guidelines for Operations
Finance & Audit Committee
Governance Committee

Board Meeting

Board Meeting Summary, September 2018
Board Meeting Summary, July 2018

Annual Reports

Bowls Victoria 2017-18 Annual Report
Bowls Victoria 2016-17 Annual Report
Bowls Victoria 2015-16 Annual Report

Corporate Policies

Child Safe
Equal Opportunity – Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment & Anti-Bullying
Investment Policy Statement (includes Role of the Investment Committee)
Member Protection
Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)
Risk Management
Social Media
Smoke Free

Bowls Australia National Policies 

Where appropriate, the policies and position statements of Bowls Australia will be adopted by Bowls Victoria.