Fun Bowls Games

Bowls Victoria encourages bowlers to try these fun and exciting games which are perfect for introducing new bowlers and children to the sport, and also offer variety and challenges to more experienced bowlers.

Bored Kids?

Our Indoor Bowls Activities can all be created in your own home using things you have around the house. If you don’t have an actual bowl that’s OK! You can use any other type of ball you have at home.

THE LAWMAN has put you in jail!

The Lawman has traded his rulebook for a pen and ruler.
Complete the puzzle to escape.
Do you have the knowledge and skills?!

Alternative Games

Play a Test or a Twenty20, get some runs on the board before you’re all out.

Fancy combining your love of AFL with your love of bowls?
Here’s you chance

Throw a frisbee, see if you can reach it with your bowl.

Design your own golf course and then see if you can get round the holes using your bowl as a golf ball.

Three targets, three bowls – can you hit the target with all three?

It’s a bit like musical chairs, but with bowls and targets instead of chairs.
So not really like musical chairs at all. But still fun.

Practice herding sheep while you’re playing bowls.

One team on each side, but who can move the jack the furthest?

Jack Attack is designed to be the next step for people after Barefoot Bowls through a more structured competition.

Rookie Rollers is designed to enable school children to participate in an engaging format, which is both fun and inclusive.