The Must-Have Bowling Green Innovation for 2021: Ferrules.

by Team BV

Bioscapes Group wishes to announce the latest bowls industry innovation for 2021, Ferrules.

A little stainless-steel product that creates a safe and sophisticated environment for your club whilst also assisting in clear play and movements. 

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Ferrules ‘n’ more aims to provide our community and sporting clubs with safe and effective products to enhance longevity, maximise space and minimise risk. 

If you struggle with marking out rinks, having to paint on colours every time you play, rink markers and numbers falling over with the slightest knock or bit of wind then this product is for you.

These ferrules and their partner discs allow for: 

  1. Easy installation and removal of rink markers, numbers and score boards 
  2. Numbers and makers stand out clearer for members to assist with clear play  
  3. Playing colours with ease assisting in wear of the bowling green 

Available in 4 different colours (red, yellow, blue and white), with custom colours available on request (please note there is an additional fee for custom colours). 

Here is what some of our clients that use ferrules in their bowling green have to say:  

“At Mt Martha Bowls Club we have used the Ferrules on the ends of each rink and find them very useful as we have a coloured plastic disk under each Ferrule to indicate the different rinks on our greens. The rink post then fits neatly into the Ferrule to create a pleasing and finished look for each rink division. We have also used the Ferrules to hold our rink scoreboards in place and this also provides a pleasing look.”

John O’Borne 
Mt Martha Bowling and Social Club

“The ferrules in our bowling green were placed into existing drilled holes in the bank. Markers and numbers were askew more often than not. The ferrules were a huge benefit as they maintained the Rink Markers and numbers in a vertical position. Easier for umpires and looked great during pennant.”

David Pumpa 
Mornington Bowling Club

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