Little known causes of uneven roll on your green

by Team BV

A message from BIOscapes Group. The industry leaders in greens construction.

There are a number of misconceptions in the Bowling Green arena that are costing your club money because the solutions you’ve been advised in the past are actually damaging your green.

Here are three common but little known causes of an uneven roll:

  • Over Vacuuming
    • continued vacuuming on the same path can create half moons or drag loose product from your sub base up creating slight mounding under the carpet causing the bowls to deflect.
      • Solution – Vacuuming should be kept to a minimum – we recommend no more than 4 x per year. If your bowls are becoming ‘dirty’ – this is an indication that vacuuming may be required. This recommendation is general and we can only provide accurate advise upon inspection.
  • Dumping of Bowls:
    • lofting or dumping of bowls continually will cause a cannonball effect creating small craters in your sub base. More times than not this will be around the head or kitty area. You will experience unfavourable finishes on your bowls as they lose weight and deflect or deviate at these depressions.
      • Solution – avoid dropping bowls (dumping) and use appropriate bowler assist arms if required or dump mats as necessary.
  • Lack of Rink Movement:
    • the movement within each rink will help spread the wear across all synthetics and natural turf allowing for a longer lifespan of your surface. We are the sole supplier of Ferrules and coloured discs to help you clearly identify movements within your rink (see image) and help to spread the wear. This will reduce the creation of furrows or tracking within your rink.
      • Solution – use the ferrules and coloured disc to highlight different movements within each rink to spread the wear –

If you would like to know more about these little known causes of uneven roll, please reach out to us at admin@bioscapes