Use Less, Pay Less

by Team BV

How can Bowls Victoria members save on energy costs with Choice Energy this year?

As we move further into the first quarter of 2023, and with Australia’s energy market still volatile, many businesses including yours have undoubtedly experienced increased costs.

The opportunities available to save on your club’s energy costs in 2023 have never been easier due to the Bowls Victoria’s corporate partnership with Choice Energy. Now is the perfect time to reduce your reliance on grid energy and pay less for the energy you’re using.

Deriving from their latest blog, 4 ways Choice Energy can help your businesses in 2023, Choice Energy is determined to “get the ball rolling” and help members save on their energy costs.

To begin saving on your energy costs, you should consider:

  1. Forward-contracting your next contract. If your club’s usage is considered large-market and you are coming out of a contract in the next 6-18 months, the recent market dip presents an opportunity to secure lower rates before potential price hikes.
  1. Reviewing your electricity and gas rates. To stay ahead, it’s important to review your energy contracts regularly to make sure you are on competitive rates, or better yet, work with an independent broker who can do this for you for free. There have been a lot of changes to suppliers’ pricing in the market recently and there may be an opportunity to beat your current rates.
  2. Reducing your reliance on the grid. As the country moves to a more sustainable future, it is worth exploring the possibility of solar for your club. Commercial solar has never been more viable for Australian businesses than it is today. With the instant asset tax write-off and solar rebates, you could invest in an asset that is cash-flow neutral or positive from day one which means you could reduce your energy costs almost instantly after the system is switched on.
  3. Reviewing your network costs. Unknown to most large-market businesses, network and demand costs can account for up to 60% of the total charges you see on your energy bill. Having this reviewed by an energy expert regularly could be a great way to reduce your energy costs.

Read the full blog here to learn how to further reduce your energy costs.

If you would like a free, no-obligation energy health check for your bowling club to find out how much you could be saving, get in touch today.

Contact your dedicated energy manager Jackson Aitken at or 0475 158 487. Alternatively, request a free energy bill review here to see how much you could be saving.