Recent Bowls Club incidents

by Team BV

Summary of fraud/theft of $19,236 from a Victorian Bowls Club.

During September and October last year (2019) a Victorian Bowls Club made payments totalling $19,236 for the importation of artificial grass material from China. The importing company can’t be named for legal reasons as the matter is in the hands of the police.

The Club had previously dealt successfully with this company for a similar order. In this case however the order was not fulfilled, and the company is no longer responding to their enquiries. This includes their solicitor sending registered letters to both the company and business addresses. No reply has been received from their letters to the bank enquiring as to the state of the account into which the payments were made.

On the advice of the club’s solicitor, the matter has been reported to the police, in the hope that the company can be stopped to avoid other instances of similar activity.

The message is clear, only deal with reputable suppliers and do all possible homework on any company you engage.  We never want to see another Bowls Club in this situation.

Seven Bowls Clubs burgled in recent weeks.

A warning for all bowls clubs, a spate of burglaries have occurred at Victorian bowls clubs recently, believed to be perpetrated by the same individual(s) in targeted attacks. As many clubs are vacant during non-pennant weekdays this is a reminder to assure your club’s equipment and assets are secured.