Battle (Literally!) Across the Border

by Team BV

Bowls Victoria and Bowls South Australia have confirmed a test series across the border next month.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the current border restrictions between the 2 states, the Vics and the Reds will play a 5-Test series with a revised Conditions of Play never seen before on a bowling green.

The series will be played at Serviceton Bowls Club, who will move their club to be placed right on the border of Victoria & South Australia. When asked about the move, the Serviceton Bowls Club was happy to oblige: “Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we’re happy to move our green a couple of kilometres down the road” a club representative said.

With a 14-day quarantine not an option for players and support staff to cross the border of the two states, all Men’s & Women’s players participating in the series will stay on their half of the border, and place the jack exactly the middle of the green.

  • The series will require two umpires, one on each side of the border who will officiate from their own half,
  • Every end will be played by bowling half the green,
  • And players will not be permitted to switch ends and multiple mats will be used so players are kept 1.5m apart at all times.

Both States are happy that the series will be moving ahead, although will have some unprecedented challenges.

“It’s fantastic that we can have some Bowls in the State, however it’s going to be interesting when the jack is knocked out of bounds!” said a spokesperson for Bowls Victoria.

“The upcoming series will bring us a much needed hit out with our neighbouring rival, but we’ll be making sure we are social distancing at all times” said a spokesperson from Bowls South Australia.




… April Fools’!