100 Years In The Making

by Team BV

Bowls Victoria partner, BIOScapes, took great pride in making another mark on Victorian Bowls history by overseeing the recent redevelopment efforts at Fairfield Bowling Club.

Situated in the inner north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, this friendly club is tucked away in a quiet, leafy suburban street, just 6km out of Melbourne’s CBD.

Colloquially renowned in recent times as the slow, wet green on Gillies Street, Fairfield’s single green holds a rich history. Although the club was Initially founded early in 1913 with the generous assistance of Sir MacPherson Robertson (MacRobertson Chocolates), Fairfield Bowls Club settled at their new home, the home we know now, on Gillies St, in 1923.  


Achieving immediate success on and off the green, with an impressive member tally from the outset, the club’s extremely welcoming, social, yet competitive nature has carried into the new century.

A giant leap forward to 2023, the Val Young Clubhouse stands at 100 years young, but the Gillies Street address now looks A LOT different. In line with the club’s ambitious 2025 strategic plan, BIOScapes commenced works in July 2023, navigating the extremely tight access, to begin unearthing some hidden mysteries below.

With the installation of a completely new drainage system, new footings, concrete footpath, bonded rock base, Greengauge GG3 Underlay/Carpet & more, the move to a woven surface has brought some excitement to the local community, our team at BIOScapes & the eager members of this proud club.   

With the addition of new LED Lights overhead, an in-built speaker system, synthetic turf surrounding the entire perimeter, and a new green to match, this quaint, member-owned community club has begun to shine again.


There’s no doubting there is different feel at the Fairfield Bowling Club this season, once BIOScapes in-house team were done with the makeover, paving the way for members & visitors to enjoy the new BIOSscapes green and surrounds.

Project Timeframe:
July 3rd 2023 – August 25th 2023 | 8 Weeks

Scope of Works

  • Included all works from site cut, surrounding footpaths, through to handover of equipment.
    Removal of existing infrastructure to create safe access point.
  • Complete site cut and removal of existing natural turf bowling green.
  • Construction of entrance ramp, for safe truck and machine access.
  • Installation of new block wall on eastern side of green.
  • Preparation and pour of a new concrete footpath on the eastern side of the green.
  • Installation of new surrounds synthetic turf (300+sqm) around entire perimeter of green.
  • Construction of a brand new Greengauge Woven Carpet synthetic green, including PVC drain,
  • Megaflo drains, concrete strip footing, timber plinths and bonded base system.
  • Installation of bowler assist rails and equipment.
  • Re-installation of shade structures, fencing, and concrete footpaths at entrance point.

To read more information about this particular project visit https://bioscapesgroup.com.au/project/fairfield-bowls-club/

Article provided by BIOScapes

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