Seeking Greenkeeper

by Team BV

Hampton Bayside Bowls Club is seeking a Greenkeeper to commence duties on the 1st April 2024, for a period of three years. 

The Club has five Sides in both the Midweek and Weekend Metropolitan Pennant competitions, and has two 8 rink tifdwarf grass Greens, and one 8 rink sand filled synthetic Green. 


1. To professionally maintain the two tifdwarf grass Greens and the synthetic Green to the highest possible standards for all days when play is required, in all directions, and ensure that at least one tifdwarf grass Green, and the synthetic Green, are available on all days, other than Mondays, with a minimum pace of 14 seconds.  

2. To carry out necessary works on the tifdwarf grass Greens and renovate, when necessary, e.g. fertilising, scarifying, levelling, top dressing, hollow tining.  

3. To carry out necessary works on the synthetic Green including grooming, rolling, watering and vacuuming of ditches.  

4. To be responsible for the ordering of sprays, fertilisers, herbicides and other chemicals required for the Greens, in accordance with the Club’s expenditure guidelines, and for the safe storage of same in accordance with the relevant Legislation and Regulations. 

5. To be responsible for the safe application of all sprays, fertilisers, herbicides and other chemicals.  

6. To prepare, maintain and provide to the Greens Director a schedule of applied spray, fertiliser, herbicide, and other chemicals, and the application of water, to the three Greens on a monthly basis.  

7. To meet with the Green’s Director on a weekly basis, to discuss and plan works programmes and developments.  

8. Undertake works associated with the operations of Greens and surrounds as directed by Greens Director, including monitoring of the quality of the bore water supply. 

9. Carry out line markings as required on the three Greens. 

10. Maintain the ditches on the tifdwarf Greens to required standards, and the edging of the grass on the top of the banks. 

11. Set up rinks and Greens as required for bowls practice, pennant play, Club tournaments and special events, Club Championships, and social bowls, in conjunction with the Greens Director. 

12. Liaise with the Greens Director on all maintenance, servicing and repairs of all of the Club’s greenkeeping plant and equipment. 

13. Maintain the Greenkeeper’s shed in a clean and safe condition. 

14. Maintain a log book of all hours worked and work undertaken, which shall be kept in the Greenkeeper’s shed and available at all times, to the Greens Director. 

15. The successful applicant must be able to provide current certificates for all necessary insurance cover. 

Applicants should provide details of Greenkeeper contracts currently or previously held. 

For further information, or to undertake an inspection of the Greens and the Club’s equipment and facilities, contact the Greens Director, Haydn Williams on Mobile 0417 390 341 or email: 

Tenders close on the 20th. February 2024, and should be forwarded to: 

Ms. P. Longley,  

Director of Administration,  

Hampton Bayside Bowls Club,