Child Safe Clubs

by Team BV

Bowls Victoria strongly encourages all Clubs to attend the upcoming Vicsport online forum addressing Child Safety. Child Safe Clubs is a free webinar open to Clubs and Associations.

Vicsport advises that this “90-minute webinar will focus on a number of key considerations for clubs, leagues and associations when creating child safe environments”, and addresses the 11 recently revised Standards that came into effect in July this year.

Content will include:

  • An overview of the 11 Victorian Child Safe Standards
  • An outline of what is required by clubs to meet the Standards
  • Key support services and resources to assist clubs

Bowls Victoria and Bowls Australia have a range of programs, activities, and events that focus on or include children, including Rookie Rollers, Roll Up, Junior League, the Doug Kneebone and Junior Provincial tournaments, Region Squads, and many school competitions. Bowls Victoria regularly seeks Club partners to host these activities and it is vital that Clubs understand and comply with the Standards.

Visit the Vicsport event page, Child Safe Clubs, for more information and to register.

Attendees are also encouraged to review Vicsport’s child safety resources.