Return to Play Update – 1st October

by Team BV

Below is an update to the Return to Play Guidelines, which we are now comfortable to release (1st October, 2021).

Unfortunately Moorabool Shire is now in lockdown and therefore part of the same restrictions as Metropolitan Melbourne, Mitchell Shire and La Trobe City Council.

There are no significant changes to other Regional areas.

This is a rapid moving environment and there are likely to be changes occurring regularly.  Therefore, we ask each club to check the BV website and social media pages for the latest information.

In lockdown areas (Metropolitan Melbourne, Mitchell Shire, Moorabool Shire and La Trobe City Council), outdoor facilities open for contactless recreation, for practice only (i.e. not training or competitions) under the following guidelines:

  • For fully vaccinated persons: Outdoor practice (i.e. casual roll-up) for up to 5 people, plus coach (max 2 households per group).
  • For non-fully vaccinated (including partially or not at all vaccinated): Outdoor practice for up to 2 people plus coach (max 2 households per group).
  • The Stay at Home Directions, the Restricted Activity Directions and the COVID-19 Vaccinated Activities Directions are all silent on a venue cap. Based on our discussions with State Government and other stakeholders, our interpretation is that the above group roll-ups and/or coaching and people limits apply per rink, noting the next dot point.
  • Only every second rink should be used, which will enable the numbers listed in the first two dot points above to occupy a space of approximately 600+ square metres to be extra cautious.
  • This aligns with the per court interpretation from tennis and the per hole interpretation from golf.
  • It also allows similar numbers to the exemptions applied in NSW for the sport of lawn bowls.
  • It is substantially less people per sqm than is occurring in public open spaces for picnics and social gatherings.
  • Toilets remain closed until further notice as per Government advice.
  • As always, clubs should also liaise with their LGA.
  • If and when the Health Department updates their guidelines to a more definitive approach, naturally we will follow and advise accordingly.