Return to Bowls and Vaccination Advice

by Team BV

There are important clarifications to the COVID information for clubs. Please read the below information as well as the two documents (links below):

  • By law, all clubs must have a COVID check-in marshal at all times.
  • Proof of vaccination can only be one of the four legally permitted forms. Please advise all your members of this to ensure there are no misunderstandings on game day.
  • There is still no government direction on the ‘red-line’ question and as such the exemption to the facility for community sport is applicable (see the vaccination requirements summary).
  • Any persons exempt from vaccination must provide the Australian Immunisation Register medical exemption form (i.e. a doctors certificate will not suffice).
  • Clubs don’t need to check the vaccination status of spectators who are attending for community sport (although they must QR code in and cannot enter the clubhouse without proof of vaccination).
  • Any players using falsified vaccination proof will be subject to BV Disciplinary procedures.
  • Please remind your players about social distancing, hygiene and hand-shaking. Be safe at all times.

These rules are changing rapidly and we will keep you updated with the latest information from the Health Department. Good luck to all teams this weekend in pennant.

The four accepted forms of proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Status