Return to Play: critical updates including new record keeping guidelines

by Melanie Allen

On Friday 26 March, the Victorian Government announced that Victoria will further relax its COVIDSafe Settings, allowing for more visitors in the home, reduced mask wearing and an increase in the number of people allowed in live music venues and other settings.

The full list of COVIDSafe Settings that now apply are available for you to review, and updated Restricted Activity Directions have been published.

A broad summary of restrictions as they impact physical recreation and community sport can be found below.

Indoor and outdoor physical recreation and community sport:

  • A density quotient of one per two square metres applies to each space, up to a maximum of 1,000 people.
  • No group caps on indoor or outdoor sports (other than limits imposed by density quotients).
  • Signage must state the number of people permitted inside.
  • Venues with capacity of greater than 500 patrons must publish a COVIDSafe Plan online.


It is now mandatory for businesses and clubs to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service or a QR Code provider that is connected to the Application Programming Interface (API).

The API allows the QR code system to ‘speak’ with Victoria’s contact tracing system technology. This change will allow contact tracers to quickly access check-in data and strengthen the privacy of data collected across the state.

If you are already using the free Victorian Government QR Code Service for your record keeping, you do not need to do anything.

If you are not using the Victorian Government QR Code Service, find out if the app you are using is connected to the Victorian Government Visitation API. If it is, you don’t need to do anything – just keep using the app as normal.

If you need to change providers because your current provider does not intend to connect to the Victorian Government API, the Victorian Government QR Code Service is easy to use and is free for all Victorian businesses and organisations.

There will be grace period until 6pm, 23rd April 2021 to allow businesses to adapt to the new requirement.

What if a member or visitor doesn’t have a smart phone or can’t scan the code successfully?

Clubs must make reasonable efforts to ensure that members and guests can use a compliant record keeping system, even in cases where a visitor cannot access the system because they do not have a mobile phone. This should include making a terminal (e.g. an iPad) available for members and guests to sign in, or staff assisting them to sign in.

In exceptional circumstances where such an approach is not practicable, an alternative record keeping approach (including a non-electronic approach) can be used as a back-up.

If the QR code cannot be scanned, there is also a website address and 6 letter code displayed on the QR code poster that enables visitors to check in through the internet.

If a visitor is having technical difficulties, clubs should record contact details using another method e.g. with an iPad or pen and paper.

As the current bowls season draws to a close, and when the new season commences, remember that BowlsLink becomes an electronic method of record-keeping for club members.

You can download printable template documents for recording contact details and additional signage below: