Contactless Cash for your Club

by Team BV

To say COVID-19 has changed the way we live now and in the foreseeable future is of course an understatement. We are adapting as much as we can and as fast as we can. For smaller clubs the challenges are often the most daunting.

As most major retail chains are no longer accepting physical currency as a way to curb the spread of COVID-19, your average patron is finding less notes and coins on hand, relying on their credit, debit and key cards, or even their phones and smart watches.

With club restrictions beginning to ease in the near future and if you’re a club who hasn’t had the need to go “contactless” until now, the good news is it’s easier than you think to set up, and there is help closer than you may have thought.

A helpful guide about EFTPOS and contactless payments:

A popular, reliable and cost effective option:

Square – Point of Sale technology

For more information:

Or contact your preferred financial institution regarding their EFTPOS and contactless payment services:

> Bendigo Bank

> Commonwealth Bank

> Westpac



Alternatively, give your bank a call today.