Bowls Victoria & Pancare Foundation Partnership reaches new heights

by Sean O'Kane

The partnership between Bowls Victoria & the Pancare Foundation has taken a giant leap after the results of the 2019 Victorian Open.

Throughout the event from the 15-22 November last year, Pancare was well supported by the Bowls Community, raising $4,243.00 – an incredible result.

Pancare Foundation is Australia’s not-for-profit pancreatic cancer organisation. Pancare’s purpose is to increase survival and provide support to people affected by pancreatic cancer and other upper gastrointestinal cancers.

Community Fundraising Manager for Pancare Sarah Collings was blown away with the support from the Bowls Community in Shepparton, “Clearly the Bowls community are receptive to the cause and we are looking forward to this partnership growing even stronger in 2020.”

Bowls Victoria will continue to support the charity through the Pancare Walk for Hope, Pancare Foundation’s largest fundraising community event this April. For more information, please visit


2019 Victorian Open Pancare Day:

Photo header credit: Pancare Foundation.