State Champions Week to stay in Bendigo

by Team BV

Bendigo will remain the home of Bowls Victoria’s State Champions Week until at least 2020. 

Bowls Victoria and City of Greater Bendigo have extended an agreement confirming the State Championships of Victorian bowls to remain in Bendigo for another three years. 

The event has been held in Bendigo since its inception in 2012 – when all bowls State Championship finals were brought together to be played in the same week in the one venue. 

Once more, Bendigo East Bowling Club will be the host venue.  

Bowls Victoria Chief Executive Graeme Bridge said: “City of Greater Bendigo has been a fantastic event partner to work with, and we’re thrilled to keep State Champions Week in Bendigo for another three years. 

“The Council and the area embraces our event, which we are grateful for. 

“Bendigo is also geographically right in the centre of Victoria, which makes it the perfect location for our players who travel in all over the State. 

Mr Bridge said another reason Bowls Victoria was keen to keep the event in Bendigo was that Bendigo East Bowling Club had such top-quality greens. 

“What we continually hear from our players is that they love playing on such high-quality greens, and for our State Championships, good greens are critical to ensure the integrity of our most important matches. 

“Bendigo East has also done great work improving its infrastructure to help cater for the large number of spectators who now come to State Champions Week.” 

Bowls Victoria President Barbara Gilbert says key to agreeing to remain in Bendigo was that bowlers and spectators love coming there. 

“Everybody enjoys what Bendigo and the area has to offer. Bowls Victoria values the support provided by the City of Greater Bendigo hosting State Champions Week. 

“Bendigo East is a fantastic host club and their members leave no stone unturned to ensure all needs of bowlers and spectators are provided.  The greens are excellent. 

“It is very pleasing that the number of spectators increases each year, many come for the week to barrack for their champions.  It is a real showcase of our sport. ” 

City of Greater Bendigo Tourism and Major Events Manager Terry Karamaloudis said State Champions Week attracted around 500 participants and officials for the week, as well as supporters and families. 

“We are proud to host this event and pleased it will continue to be held in Bendigo for the next three years,” Mr Karamaloudis said. 

“It’s great that Bowls Victoria have embraced Bendigo for their event and that players and supporters enjoy visiting our city. 

“We look forward to welcoming players, organisers and supporters to Bendigo again soon.” 

2018 State Champions Week will be held from April 17 to 23 at Bendigo East Bowling Club.