Winners! – BV Bowlers Arm Flyer Competition

by Team BV

What a fantastic season of Victorian Arm Bowling events held during the 2016-17 season!
Clubs were offered a great competition and opportunity to produce a flyer to promote their Arm event combined with a follow-up report to place them in the running for some awesome prizes from our approved bowlers arm manufacturers DHB, The Bionic Bowler and The Bowling Arm. Thanks to all clubs for participating and we hope your flyers encouraged maximum participation in your events.
Major Winner: 1 x The Bowling Arm – Bowlers Arm, 1 x DHB – Bowlers Arm and 1 x The Bionic Bowler – Bowling Arm!
Armadale BC – Imagine going to your motor car dealer, asking for a brand-new Holden Commodore SS-V, then waking up on delivery day to find a brand new Maserati parked in your driveway. This was what we got from Armadale BC. Firstly, with an excellent, well produced flyer, but their trump card was a brilliant video report (below) on their day, which has been viewed over 1,500 times on YouTube (via their channel, MOVE’s channel, and the BV website). They’ve gone above and beyond what we asked for – producing a match report which is effectively a promotional tool for the fastest-growing area of the sport, and a legacy for bowls. The Club has raised the bar for professionalism in Bowlers Arm competition on all fronts.
On being presented with their prizes, Armadale BC Armed Bowls Coordinator David Bernard stated, “I’m thrilled that Armadale BC has been recognised for their efforts in advertising and promoting their Armed Event and to think that I was going to give the sport of bowls away three years ago until I took up using an arm to keep playing.”
David went on to say, “through Armadale BC’s promotion and education of the benefits of using an Armed Device he has been able to extend his and other’s connection with the sport he loves playing, and that’s what it’s all about.”
Jack Cooper, Past President and Club Sponsorship manager for Armadale BC said, “We’re delighted that we have won this prize and the Arm Devices will be put to excellent use in providing Bowling Arm Coaching under the guidance of Coach Leon Cohen.
Both David and Jack were full of praise for the support provided by the Arm Device manufacturers, Peter Bloomfield of The Bionic Bowler, Greg Sherman of The Bowling Arm and Nick Atkins of DHB who all provided their products and the vouchers for this initiative and also to Bowls Victoria for their work in assisting and promoting the Arm Device movement.

1st Runner Up – 1 x The Bionic Bowler – Bowling Arm – Corowa Civic BC – Produced a high-quality flyer and we loved the medieval/Olde English theme. Unfortunately, their event was washed out because of flooding in the North East, so they did not submit a results/story because they didn’t get a chance. But the flyer – a take on an Olde English jousting scroll – was fun and very professionally done. Both judges were big fans.
2nd Runner Up – $50 DHB voucher & $50 The Bowling Arm voucher – Warragul BC – clever flyer with thought bubbles, plus a promptly submitted match report. Humorous and well produced.
Equal 3rd Runner Up – $25 DHB voucher – Dromana BC – what we liked about this was that a lot of work and thought went into the flyer – we’re guessing done by a non-professional who took a lot of care and effort. Also a nicely written post-event report.
Equal 3rd Runner Up – $25 The Bowling Arm voucher – Karingal BC – very professionally put together flyer, plus results submitted on time.
Guy Hand – Bowls Victoria Communications & Marketing Manager, Josh Rourke – Bowls Victoria Graphic Communications Co-ordinator
Bowls Victoria would like to extend its thanks to Peter Bloomfield of The Bionic Bowler, Greg Sherman of The Bowling Arm and Nick Atkins of Hunter Bowls/DHB for their fantastic support of the competition and our Armed Bowlers throughout Victoria!
Be sure to check out the picture gallery below.