Vic Open 2016 Vic Medal Winner!

by Team BV

In 2014 it was home-town hero Brad Orr and in 2015, runaway winner Lisa Phillips.
In 2016, we had a new winner of the Vic Medal; #NannaAnne.
Anne Miles of Yarrawonga MGCR, as you may also know her; had a fantastic tournament and was in the thick of the action from Day 1.
She went deep into the tournament in all events, and is an absolute champion on and off the green.
She’s a bowler’s bowler; has bowls, will travel.
Anne finished in the quarter finals of the Mixed Pairs and Women’s Pairs, but it was in her two other events where she shone.
Teaming up with Claire Sanders (Yarrawonga MGCR) and Laureen Smith (Club Mulwala) in the Women’s Triples, the trio were too strong for the much fancied combination of Kelly McKerihen, Victoria Troster and Carla Krizanic in the Final. Kelly and Carla will soon be off to the World Championships in Christchurch and after they led 5-0 after the first end, Anne, Claire and Laureen had a tough ask on their hands.
After that however everything went the way of the combination from North East Victoria and Miles definitely had a lot to do with it, they finished the match triumphant;
Next up was the Women’s Singles Final where she again faced off with the Canadian International, Kelly McKerihen.
Points are awarded to bowlers who finish in the Last 16 of each event, and in making the Last 16 in every event, Anne gave herself every chance of taking home the medal.
The winner of the Vic Medal receives an additional $2,000 on top of their prize money, a generous addition to the prestige of the award that’s proudly sponsored by tournament hosts Shepparton Park Bowling Club.
She’s encouraging, she helps develop new bowlers and is heavily involved in the Ovens & Murray Kelly Gang; she’s also a damn good bowler.
Anne Miles is a truly well deserving winner of The Vic Medal as the best performed bowler throughout the Victorian Open.