Member survey – Regions and Divisions

by Team BV

As part of Bowls Victoria’s current Strategic Plan, we made an undertaking to look at the overall Region and Division structure of the organisation.
So we’ve put together a survey to look at how your Region and Division operates.
We’re asking all involved in the sport – Members, Clubs, Regions and Divisions – to answer some questions about how their Regions and Divisions operate and see if any improvements can be made.
The answers to these questions will be used by Bowls Victoria to help develop strategies to future-proof our clubs.
They will also be used to help offer strategies for administrative change if required by Regions and Divisions, and promote participation and membership in bowls.
Bowls Victoria is committed to the best possible governance of the sport, and best-practice leadership to take bowls into the future.
We want the sport to be the best it can be, and consulting with you – the Members, Clubs, Regions and Divisions – is the best way to achieve that.
This particular survey is for our members and clubs, and contains questions about your Region and Division, communication and participation in our sport.
We’d ask you to answer it as honestly and best you can, as your opinions will help shape the Region and Division structure going forward.

Closing date for survey submissions is June 3, 2016
To fill out the member survey online, click here
For a printable version of the member survey, click here
For Frequently Asked Questions why Bowls Victoria is conducting a survey about Regions and Divisions, click here