Bowling Arms across the Tasman

by Team BV

A team of Australian Bowling Arm exponents aptly titled the ”Armaroos” has graced Clubs on the North Island of New Zealand this week and they’ve been also providing some valuable coaching tips on use of an approved Armed Device.
Representatives from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland have funded this journey themselves and it’s also afforded them with an opportunity to compete against local players from Bowling Centres across this Region of New Zealand and provide some valuable insights in the use of a Bowling Arm.
These photos depict Club Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty on the North Island of New Zealand.
The President of Bowls New Zealand was in attendance to witness the activities undertaken on this day of the tour and was full of praise for what he was witnessing in respect of not just the bowls but also the coaching and advice on offer from the Aussies.
Currently there are many thousands of registered members in Clubs across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland & South Australia who are enjoying longevity in the sport of bowls by continuing their involvement with the aid of an approved arm.
It looks like the Bowling Arm may well and truly take off in New Zealand as well and from a couple of the pictures attached to this article, their interest levels are certainly being addressed with coaching being provided by a number of the Australian party keen to pass on their tips and advice.
Just for the record, Trans-Tasman rivalry is always on the line in any sporting pursuit and the Armaroos have been scoring some very good results over their Kiwi hosts, be they using a Bowling Arm or not!
Thanks to Phil Gude for the photos.
Article provided by Graeme Bridge.

Photos courtesy of Ronsley Gude.
First image: Phil Gude imparting some words of wisdom on Bowling Arm use.

Second image: Even the onlookers are interested?

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