Neil’s the Bowlers Arm lucky charm

by Team BV

Eighteen matches for Victoria, for 17 wins and just one loss.
Warrnambool bowler Neil Crisp (far right of main picture) is the lucky charm of Victoria’s Bowlers Arm team.
For the three-time national champions, Crisp has been a silent assassin in all three nationals victories.
He has won every event he’s contested, save for one narrow loss in a pairs game three years ago.
The Warrnambool BC bowler is quiet, unassuming but lethal with his bionic arm device and capable of mixing it with the very best, be they arm device users or able-bodied bowlers.
Victoria’s Arm Bowling co-ordinator Phil Gude says: “We are very proud to have Neil in our side, along with every other member, in what has become a very cohesive tightly knit group who can now look forward to the possibility of a fourth successive title in 2016.
“Neil is always happy to help any player with advice and encouragement should it be needed, but prefers to be in the background and we love him.”
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