Welcome to new partner Ekera Dental

by Team BV

Bowls Victoria is proud to welcome Ekera Dental as a new, premium partner for our sport with significant special offers to our members.
Initially we look to offer Bowls Victoria members the choice of several locations, commencing with Box Hill and Geelong.
Ekera now operates eight practices throughout Melbourne and regional areas. We are thrilled to partner Bowls Victoria and look forward to caring for all bowls members‘ dental needs, extending special offers throughout the entire season.
Headed by Dr Tim Stolz, Rob Harwood (Dental Prosthetist) and our experienced dental team, we look to take the time to ensure all of your needs are specifically met.
It is generally recognised that there are more and more young people participating in the sport of bowls, but Ekera is also aware that the principal age category amongst Bowls Victoria members is the 40-70 age group.
The under 40 age group has grown up with the benefits of fluoridated water, and their dental needs are generally small. However, people in the 40-plus age group are generally the ones who require more extensive management, as their teeth wear and need crowns, or as their teeth are lost, and replacement in the form of dentures, bridges, or implants is required.
No one enjoys getting old, and all of us are aware of the benefits of good health in the ageing process. A healthy, effectively functioning mouth is a pivotal part of our overall health.
Ekera Dental has available in its clinics a number of very experienced practitioners in all facets of dentistry. These practitioners are able to consult with you in relation to your dental problems and discuss with you a range of options which fit both your needs and budget.
After your initial consultation you will be sent a written report detailing all of the details of the consultation, including all treatment options, item numbers and costs. All of the usual dental services such as children’s dentistry, orthodontics, general dentistry, aesthetic dentistry are provided as well as the more complex treatments involving crown and bridge and implants.
Schedule your complimentary consultation today and experience the difference of our service and professionalism. We will perform a simple exam and speak to you about your goals for dental treatment.
All introduction special offers are currently available at Ekera Dental’s conveniently located Box Hill and Geelong practices.
Make an appointment now.
Ekera Dental Box Hill is located at 116-118 Thames St, Box Hill. Phone: 03-9006 8800.
Ekera Dental Geelong is located at 200 Malop St, Geelong. Phone:  03-5223 2833.
For all the details of Ekera Dental’s offers to Bowls Victoria members, click here.
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