2015-16 Player Permit Request Applications

by Team BV

Bowls Victoria wishes to announce significant changes to the 2015-2016 Player Permit System that allows BV Affiliated Members to play Pennant for a Club other than the Club they are identified with.
Under the new process approved by the BV Board, players are free to play Pennant with another Club of their choice irrespective if their identified Clubs have sides entered in the equivalent competition or not.  This innovation has been introduced to give more players the opportunity to participate.
For the avoidance of doubt here is a typical example.
A player plays with their identified club in their Club’s Midweek Pennant in the Metro area but goes away every weekend to a holiday house down the coast.
Under the recent BV Regulation changes, that player can now apply for a Player Permit which would allow them to play at the holiday home local Bowls Club in Saturday Pennant.
There are some mandatory conditions that apply under this new permit system – for more information see the new 2015-2016 BV Pennant Permit Request form available here.
1.    Player must be a full financial member of both clubs
2.    Both clubs MUST agree to the request and counter sign the application
3.    Pennant Applications MUST be received and issued PRIOR to R4 of the respective competitions. No permits will be considered or issued after R4.
4.    $25 fee MUST accompany the application
5.    If a player applies and receives a BV Clearance from their nominated club during the currency of the permit it will automatically immediately lapse and a new permit will not be issued
6.    Once a permit is issued then the player MUST play out the whole season with the permit club.
7.    If both clubs do not agree on the Application then no permit will be issued and there can be no appeal – it must be a mutual agreement.
8.    The permit system can apply to any club affiliated with Bowls Victoria
9.    The Permit is not effective until the player has received written notification (letter, email or fax) confirming it is approved by Bowls Victoria. Any player who plays prematurely will be deemed an “ineligible player” and the penalty will be forfeiture of any game of match.
10.  Club Championships MUST still be played with the affiliated player’s identified Club and NOT the Club for which the Pennant Permit was issued – this is mandatory and not an option.
11.  BV State Championship events MUST be contested in the Region (or Division if applicable) in which your identified club is domiciled, and NOT the Region (or Division if applicable) of the club for which your pennant permit was issued.