Arm coaching handover under way

by Team BV

Arm coaching takes on a new look this season as the move to hand over the arm coaching task to local coaches gains momentum.
More than 4,500 players are now using an arm device to stay involved in the sport.
“We have seen over 600 players pass through the arm coaching series over the past two seasons which is fantastic,” says Bowls Victoria director Phil Gude, who has developed and run arm coaching.
 “It has always been my strategy to support any coaches at club level who want to get a few pointers on arm bowling from the State Squad player/coaches group and we are planning a change this year to achieve this.
“Each coaching day this season will have the afternoon reserved for local coaches to attend a session on arm coaching tips.”
Bowls Victoria chief executive Graeme Bridge says BV will provide a certificate attesting to the day’s attendance for coaches taking part.
“We strongly support this development,” he says.
Mr Gude says: “Simultaneously, we are prepared to work with any region that wants to run a day.
“This has been undertaken already in two regions who have requested the opportunity.
“I want to commend the three core arm coaches, A J Parker, Barry Atkins and Mike Scotter, who undertake this work on a voluntary basis to put back some of their knowledge into the sport.”
Arm coaching days have been run so far at Dromana, MCC Hawthorn, Shepparton, Ballarat, Geelong, Swan Hill and Red Cliffs.
This season the team will be at

1.         December 13, 2015 – Ovens & Murray Bowls Region at Benalla BC.
2.         January 17, 2016 – West Gippsland Bowls Division at Yallourn BC.
3.         February 28, 2016 – Eastern Ranges Bowls Region at Ringwood BC.

We recommend that all arm bowlers located in these areas get along. It’s a great day, good fun and you are guaranteed to pick up a good tip or two to improve your performance.
Remember – players all day, coaches in the afternoon.
We hope to see you there. 
For those interested in our upcoming events, here is the 2015-16 Bowlers Arm tournament schedule.