Primary Schools

Registrations are now open for the 2019/20 School Sport Victoria Bowls Championships!

Primary Bowls
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Secondary Bowls
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Primary Schools (P-6)

Program: Junior Jack Attack
Year level: Prep – Grade 2

Junior Jack Attack is part of the Sporting Schools program and is designed to enable kids to participate in an engaging format which is both fun and inclusive. Junior Jack Attack can be played on a range of surfaces, including greens, carpets, concrete and wooden floors, which removes the restrictions of requiring a bowling green. To learn more about Junior Jack Attack or to purchase a Junior Jack Attack kit, please visit the Sporting Schools website.

Program: School Sport Victoria
Year level: Grade 2-6

Bowls Victoria can connect your primary school with your nearest bowls club who can assist in providing coaching, guidance and support to students to help develop the skills and knowledge required to play bowls. All School Sport Victoria region’s host bowls events, which students are encouraged to enter to further build and develop their playing skills. To learn more, please visit the School Sport Victoria website.