Greens Committee

This Committee is responsible for the following:

  • The testing of Authorised Green Inspectors throughout Victoria
  • The handling of complaints by Clubs against opponents due to the unsatisfactory state of a green.
  • The inspection of greens, for which complaints have been laid and to follow-up any recommended actions.
  • The provision of a contact point for Clubs seeking knowledge re greens if and when required. Generally this means potting Clubs in contact with experienced greenkeepers or Green Installers.
  • The provision and review, from time to time, of recommended guidelines for the pace of greens, especially, in the Metropolitan Regions.
  • The withdrawal of approval to play on a green, that is consistently outside the recommended guidelines, and a Club does not do anything to rectify it.

Terms of reference

Committee members

Andrew Ross (Joint Chairman)
Andy Smith (Joint Chairman)
Peter Bowman
Richard Sinclair
Sean O’Kane (BV Member Services & Events Manager)


Andrew Ross
Phone: 0418 319 573

Andy Smith
Phone: 0418 177 135