Club power bills are set to rise up to 25%

by Team BV

Victorian business power bills set to increase up to 25% for the 23-24 financial year – here’s what you can do.

As widely reported in the media, Victorian businesses on small-market agreements can expect to see massive increases to their power bills as energy retailers hike up their rates by as much as 25% (or possibly more) thanks to the Victorian Default Offer final determination.

For businesses on large-market fixed contracts, there continues to be market volatility that has only worsened with the onset of winter, with no reprieve in sight.

BV strongly encourages you to engage with Choice Energy to lessen the risk of bill shock.

Register for Choice Energy’s webinar next month on “How to Minimise Energy Bill Shock & Tackle High Business Energy Prices this Financial Year” and you’ll gain:

  • Key insights into default market offer increases and how to avoid bill shock
  • Wholesale market insights and recommended approaches for your large-market energy contract
  • Learnings about the state of solar including revised tax incentives, funding, technology and tips
  • Tips on how to adapt and pivot to free up funds from your energy bill

Webinar details:

Date: Wednesday 12 July
Time: 1:00pm AEST

Alternatively, request your free energy health check online or email your bills to Alex Townsend at or call Alex on 0435 080 646.