Make It Cheaper Now

by Team BV

How to  reduce energy costs  and improve efficiency

Taking the time to review and reduce your business’s energy consumption – and therefore, how much you pay – is a task that can pay dividends today, and well into the future. There are two ways you can help lower your business’s energy bills; shopping around for a more competitive offer and changing how and when you use energy.

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For the best of both worlds, here are four tips to change your energy consumption:

 1.  Use energy at the right time.

Peak energy usage times come with a peak energy usage price. Start by reviewing your business energy bill to see how much energy you consume, then identify energy hot spots throughout your business, so you can start looking to shift the timing of your highest impact energy-users.

 2.  Adjust your habits.

A few small tweaks can make a massive difference. Some actions, like encouraging your employees to turn off lights or fans when a room is not in use; replacing appliances when they break with an energy-efficient version; or adopting energy-saving measures, can make a big difference on your bill.

 3.  Focus on lighting.

One of the biggest contributors to a business’s energy bill is lighting. As well as keeping them turned off when rooms are not in use, consider installing energy-efficient LEDs, which use far less energy than halogen bulbs. You could also set lighting to a sensor or timer, or install dimmer switches to further reduce energy consumption.

 4.  Set temperature bandwidths.

Combat the rising costs of power during winter and summer by being mindful about the energy you use, and how you use it. It’s recommended to set your heating thermostat to 18 to 20°C in winter, and around 25 to 27°C in summer, to avoid churning through too much power.

Are you paying too much for your energy bills? Let our team of experts review your energy bill to try and find you a plan that suits your needs and saves you money. Contact us today.