BowlsLink: A great time to get ready

by Matthew Ottobre

What is BowlsLink?

BowlsLink is more than just a database system, it is the first purpose-built results and competition management system our sport has ever had. It allows Club Administrators (most likely your Club Secretary) to manage members details through a membership portal. Clubs will be added to competitions (e.g. Pennant) so they can enter teams and results. It will also allow clubs to create a website, send emails and invoice members.

Benefits of BowlsLink

Having the one online management system that all our bowling clubs are using has so many benefits across the State when it comes to competitions. Regions can run their Pennant competitions through the system, teams and results can be entered online by the clubs, so no more calling through results or sending in yellow sheets. State Championship competitions can be created through the system, Regions can set up their competitions and individual members can enter using their BowlsLink account. Individual members can use their BowlsLink account to enter their own competitions like the Australian Open and the Victorian Open.

How can members start using BowlsLink?

Every member that is added through your club membership portal has a National Identification Number (NIN). The easiest way to log into your BowlsLink account is to follow the steps below:

1. Type into your web browser.

2. Reset your password, the only method to reset your password is to use your email address to login.

A recent review has shown we are missing approximately 60% of club member email addresses. The only way to add your email address to your personal details in BowlsLink is to contact your Club Administrator.

3. Once your password has been reset you can use your email address and that password to login.

4. Once you have logged into BowlsLink you can: edit your personal details, view past and present competitions and down-the-track, enter competitions.

Video Tutorial

We’ve put together a short video to show Club Administrators how easy it is to update their members’ details in BowlsLink: