Under 18 Championship Week 2018

by Team BV

Girls Pairs Final
Lisa Trewarne/Kira Bourke v Alana Flapper/Emilee Davies.
Followed by;
Closing ends of Boys Pairs Lachie Morison/Cooper Wescombe v Jack Thompson/Riley Boxshall.

Ocean Grove’s Kira Bourke has swept Under 18 Championship Week, picking up the State girls singles title to add to three 2018 championships already won at Sunbury Bowling Club.
Kira is building a winning streak like Winx, with the girls singles final victory over one of the other standout performers of the tournament, Sunbury’s Lisa Trewarne, her fifth State championship in less than a week.
Kira, 15, has won the Under 18 Open Triples with Lisa and Lauchlin Davies, the Under 18 mixed pairs with Lachie Morison, the Under 18 girls pairs with Lisa, and now the girls singles.
Her swag of Under 18 titles follows Kira playing an important role in Geelong region’s winning team at the Women’s Region Sides Championship at Swan Hill – making it five State titles won in an unforgettable week for the Maryborough 15-year-old.
And Kira could add an unprecedented sixth State title next week, when she attempts to win the women’s Under 25 singles state title as part of State Champions Week at Bendigo. She plays Wodonga’s Kylie Whitehead in the final – looming as one of the highlights of that event.
Lisa Trewarne finished the event with two titles and two runners-up finishes, while Lauchlin Davies won the boys singles final to pick up his second State Under 18 title of the week after teaming with Kira and Lisa in the open triples on Day 1.
Lauchlin beat Luke Nemeth (Bendigo) 21-9 in the boys singles final.
Kira’s heroics aside, arguably the match of Under 18 Championship Week was a stunning Victorian boys pairs final on Day 3.
Moonee Valley’s Jack Thompson and Riley Boxshall won that in an extra end over Lachie Morison (Sunbury) and Cooper Wescombe (Glenroy) 12-11. Lachie and Cooper led 11-9, before the Moonee Valley pair clawed back a shot on each of the final two ends to send it beyond regulation.
Then with Cooper having the shot bowl, Riley drove perfectly, and with the jack respotted on the tee, ensuring his team was holding shot and eventually able to close out a win.
Day 1
Open triples 

Round 1 

Lisa Trewarne, Kira Bourke, Lauchlin Davies 15 d Brandon Yates, Kaleb Shaw, Liam Turner 8 

Blake Curnow, Sam Nemeth, Luke Nemeth 19 d Jarrod Matthews, Michael Booth, Harley Taylor-Irwin 9 



Alana Flapper, Jackson Milesi, Jordyn Long 17 d Alex Angelopoulos, Angus Murphy, Liam Murphy 4 

Lisa Trewarne, Kira Bourke, Lauchlin Davies 16 d Blake Curnow, Sam Nemeth, Luke Nemeth 4 

Cooper Hicks, Koby Cromie, Aaron Evans 16 d Riley Boxshall, Grant McLaren, Ethan Higgins 8 

Tyson Cromie, Jarryd Davies, Cooper Wescombe 22 d Ethan Preston, Lauchlan Livingstone, Kyle Kraus 9 



Lisa Trewarne, Kira Bourke, Lauchlin Davies 18 d Jordyn Long, Alana Flapper, Jackson Milesi 5 

Tyson Cromie, Cooper Wescombe, Jarryd Davies 18 d Cooper Hicks, Koby Cromie, Aaron Evans 8 



Lisa Trewarne, Kira Bourke, Lauchlin Davies 17 d Cooper Wescombe, Tyson Cromie, Jarryd Davies 13 



Day 2

Mixed pairs

Round 1

Emilee Davies, Luke Nemeth 17 d Alisha George, Aaron Evans 11

Amity Bickley, Kyle Kraus 23 d Dusty Taylor-Irwin, Harley Taylor-Irwin 7

Jordan Long, Ethan Higgins 19 d Kody Lane, Tyson Cromie 5

Lisa Trewarne, Jarryd Davies 24 d Carli Morrison, Jarrod Matthews 10

Sophie Kurzman, Cooper Wescombe 21 d Olivia Cartwright, Flynn Eaton 14

Blake Curnow, Eve Van Rhine 17 d Alana Flapper, Jackson Miles 12


Kira Bourke, Lachlan Morison 22 d Emilee Davies, Luke Nemeth 9

Amity Bickley, Kyle Kraus 13 d Jordyn Long, Ethan Higgins 12

Lisa Trewarne, Jarryd Davies 11 d Sophie Kurzman, Cooper Wescombe 10

Isabella Hosken, Lauchlan Livingstone 17 d Blake Curnow, Eve Van Rhine 8


Kira Bourke, Lachlan Morison 18 d Amity Bickley, Kyle Kraus 7

Lisa Trewarne, Jarryd Davies 20 d Isabella Hosken, Lachlan Livingstone 6


Kira Bourke, Lachlan Morison 14 d Lisa Trewarne, Jarryd Davies 10


Day 3

Girls pairs


Lisa Trewarne, Kira Bourke 14 d Isabella Hosken, Amity Bickley 12

Emilee Davies, Alana Flapper 12 d Olivia Cartwright, Kaitlin Lewis 11


Lisa Trewarne, Kira Bourke 18 d Emilee Davies, Alana Flapper 9 

Boys pairs

Round 1

Ethan Higgins, Jarryd Davies 26 d Blake Curnow, Luke Nemeth 7

Grant McLaren, Lauchlin Davies 20 d Cooper Hicks, Aaron Evans 7

Angus Murphy, Liam Murphy 13 d Kaleb Shaw, Liam Turner 9

Flynn Eaton, Josh Leszcynski 20 d Koby Cromie, Tyson Cromie 5

Lachlan Livingstone, Kyle Kraus 13 d Cameron Keenan, Mitch Cole 8


Riley Boxshall, Jack Thompson 17 d Ethan Higgins, Jarryd Davies 9

Grant McLaren, Lauchlin Davies 18 d Angus Murphy, Liam Murphy 5

Lauchlan Livingstone, Kyle Kraus 18 d Flynn Eaton, Josh Leszcynski 7

Lachlan Morison, Cooper Wescombe 16 d Jarrod Matthews, Harley Taylor-Irwin 15


Riley Boxshall, Jack Thompson 12 d Grant McLaren, Lauchlin Davies 11

Cooper Wescombe, Lachlan Morison 16 d Lachlan Livingstone, Kyle Kraus 9


Riley Boxshall, Jack Thompson 12 d Cooper Wescombe, Lachlan Morison 11 (extra end) 

Day 4

Girls singles

Round 1

Amity Bickley 21 d Kaitlin Lewis 12
Lisa Trewarne 21 d Emilee Davies 8
Isabella Hosken 21 d Eve Van Rhine 8


Lisa Trewarne 21 d Amity Bickley 16
Isabella Hosken 21 d Dusty Taylor-Irwin 6
Kira Bourke 21 d Carli Morrison 9


Lisa Trewarne 21 d Akasha Fortune 10
Kira Bourke 21 d Isabella Hosken 11


Kira Bourke 21 d Lisa Trewarne 15

Boys singles

Round 1

Jarryd Davies 21 d Jack Thompson 11
Luke Nemeth 21 d Ethan Preston 13


Lauchlin Davies 21 d Ethan Higgins 17
Jarryd Davies 21 d Cameron Keenan 13
Luke Nemeth 21 d Aaron Evans 17
Lachlan Morison 21 d Blake Keel 9


Lauchlin Davies 21 d Jarryd Davies 10
Luke Nemeth 21 d Lachlan Morison 11


Lauchlin Davies 21 d Luke Nemeth 9