Proposed Saturday Pennant Changes

by Team BV

Proposed Saturday Pennant Changes – Transitioning From 10 to 8 Team Sections 


A big thanks to all Clubs and individuals who have thus far provided feedback on our Committee’s proposed changes to the 2018/19 Saturday Metropolitan Pennant Season. 

The response has been very heartening and the level of commitment to an ‘evolutionary’ change is encouraging. 

A number of matters related to the Conditions of Play for each competition are still being worked through, and will be dependent upon whether or not the Board accepts all or some of our Committee’s final recommendation. 

Below we have set out more detail around a key aspect of the proposal, that was mentioned in the presentation forwarded to Clubs via their Regions late last year. 

The plan for transitioning from 10 to 8 Side Sections of the two bowl fours competition is now outlined below. 

As you would appreciate, the re-sizing of Sections results in an irregularity in the first year.  As an example, sides who win their Section in Divisions 6 and below will need to continue in that Division for the following year.  Please note this impact will only be felt during this ‘once-off’ transition year. After that, the usual practice of promotion and relegation across the Divisions will resume.

Thank you once again for your feedback, and we encourage you to continue to share your thoughts as the proposed changes are refined further.

Kevin Pattison
Competitive Participation Sub-Committee Chair