A new format – Quicka Bowls

by Team BV

By John Inglese, Bowls Victoria Vice President

In late 2015, I spoke to Yarra Bowls Region Secretary Peter Russell about introducing a new bowls format in the Yarra Region. Our aim was to design a bowls format that would benefit both our clubs and the sport of bowls.

We agreed that commencing a new competition format immediately after pennant season, would create multiple benefits, like extending the current bowls season for our current club players, easing some of current social membership into competitive bowls, allowing development squads (Eastern Eagles and Yarra Vipers) to compete as stand-alone teams, playing bowls when our grass greens are running at their best during the March to May period, as well as providing extra income opportunities for clubs.

Two different competition formats of Quicka Bowls were demonstrated in September 2016 at the Bayswater Bowls Club, with 40-plus club members from across the Yarra and Eastern Ranges Regions in attendance.

After recording all comments and suggestions from the participants, it was decided that a nine-a-side triples, eight-end game (against each club) format with players alternating from Lead, Second and Skip was the preferred option.

In addition to limiting downtime during the game, there was major support for ‘no kitty rolling’ and ‘no going to the head’ and allowing visiting clubs to practise on the game day rinks.

With these changes it was decided that another trial of the updated version of Quicka Bowls was required, this time to a wider audience, again asking for feedback and if required, tweaking some ofthe rules.

This time the trials were conducted across three clubs Auburn, Bayswater and Yarra Glen over three days, January 6, 7 and 8 2017, involving nine other clubs:- Warburton, Donvale, Ringwood, Richmond Union, Healesville, Mooroolbark, Hawthorn, Lilydale and players and parents of the Eastern Eagles development squad.

Some of the testimonials of the club managers:

“All reports, worked brilliantly and loved the no break and if it gets up and running we will definitely want to put in at least one team. We had a few who had never skipped before and they really enjoyed the opportunity” Tony Wood – Coach Ringwood BC

“Everyone loved it and want to be part of it when the season kicks off” Zac Woning – Coach Bayswater BC

“Our team thought that the whole concept was great and are looking forward to playing some more. ‘Quicka Bowls’ definitely has a place in Bowls Victoria as it is quick, sharp and ideally suited to the community, corporates and juniors” Laurie Browell – Eastern Eagles  Co-ordinator

“It was truly a fun game of bowls, enjoyed by one and all. Twenty four ends in quick succession was a pleasure” Greg Harrison – Richmond Union Bowls Club

“Everyone who attended enjoyed the concept and felt that two bowl triples against each club for eight ends was sufficient. Rotating positions allowed players to understand the demands of those positions. Yarra Glen gave two social bowlers a chance to play competitively.” Lyn Baker – Secretary Yarra Glen BC

“We were able to introduce a couple of social bowlers to a competitive format of the game. By rotating the players for each game, it really showed the newer player a lot about the game, instead of being stuck as a lead all the time” Sue Zidziunas – Auburn BC

What is Quicka Bowls?

8-week season commencing April 2017.

9 players per club team.

Triples format.

Every player alternates in the positions of lead, second and skip.

3 games of 8 end games against each club, on the day.

Practise for visiting teams on the match day green from 12 noon to 12.30.

Games commence at 12.45pm (late arrival etc. as per BV pennant rules)

No timing of the green required.

Uniform – club top required.

2 points for each winning rink and bonus 2 points for overall shots win.

No going up to the head – penalty is loss of next team bowl.

Skipper places jack and directs lead to place mat.

No dead ends, jack is re-spotted on back middle T.

Game Day fee of $5 to the host club for a ‘substantial’ afternoon tea!

$100 registration fee per team. This will fund up to 10 guests from each of the non-completing clubs to attend the final, BBQ and also be eligible to win prizes on the day.

Time Lines

Ask questions about Quicka Bowls or wish to request a Club Registration Form – contact John Inglese on 0418 547 494 or by email:  allin@onthe.net.au
Registrations Close – February 28, 2017.
Fixture announced – March 6, 2017.
Season Commences Saturday, April 1, 2017.

As Quicka Bowls is still in its infancy, it’s best to target clubs in the Yarra and Eastern Ranges regions initially for the first season and expand into to other regions throughout Victoria, as demand warrants.

If you wish to find out more about Quicka Bowls please contact Bowls Victoria Vice President John Inglese, via email: allin@onthe.net.au or direct on 0418 547 494.