Roll Up Challenge

Bowls Victoria, in conjunction with VicHealth, are excited to launch the online Roll Up Challenge! The Challenge aims to encourage physical activity, stay connected with our bowls community, and inspire creativity.

Your challenge is to use our series of Indoor Bowls Activities to replicate Roll Up in your home, using whatever equipment you have around your house or back yard. Think socks, cans, towels, tennis balls, etc.
Get creative!

Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or hallway. Roll your bowl or object through the course and land on, or close to, an object at the other end.

Try not get stuck or hit any of the obstacles as you make your way through the course, and try to get through the course with as little rolls as possible. Once you’ve mastered your course, it’s time to video it!

Get creative! You can use anything as your obstacle equipment and your bowl/ball.


The winner of each Challenge will win a brand new set of Taylor Bowls and a set of Apple Air Pods! Total prize value is $1,000 per Challenge.

Competition is open to all individuals and families. It is FREE to submit an entry and your entry must be submitted through our Clippero channel:

Challenge #1 entries open Friday October 30 at 12.00pm,
and close Friday 13th November at 9.00pm

You can enter each challenge only once. You will be required to register and create a Clippero account (or log in if you already have an account). Enter your name, email address and create a password. Upload your Challenge video/s from your phone, laptop or computer and click submit (note the max. file size supported is 500mb per video). Once entered, your video will be processed before it appears on the Challenge feed. You will receive an email if your upload was successful or unsuccessful.

Winners will be chosen based on creativity and performance. Judge’s decisions will be final. For full Competition Terms & Conditions click here.

All submissions under the age of 18 must have the approval of a parent/guardian. Please note that by submitting a video in the Challenge you are giving permission for Bowls Victoria to use it on the BV website and Roll Up social media channels. All entries must be submitted by the closing date, late entries will not be accepted.

Winners will be notified by email and published on our website and social media channels.