Disability Classification


Classification is required to participate in certain State, National or International competitions. Once a bowler is classified they are free to enter events. We recommend bowlers always check the entry conditions of each event to determine if classification is or is not required.

What is Classification

Classification groups athletes who have similar impairments together into classes for competition in their particular sport. The classification assessment process is managed by Bowls Victoria in conjunction with Blind Bowls Victoria and School Sport Australia.

Bowlers with a Physical Disability

Classification process:

  • Have your Doctor complete the IBD Certificate of Diagnosis form (you must bring this to the classification day)
  • Classifier will assess your physical impairment as relevant to the requirements for playing Bowls.
  • This includes playing an end or two of bowls. You must bring your bowls and any equipment you use to assist you during a game e.g. walking stick, wheelchair etc.

Submit your expression of interest:

To become classified, please send an expression of interest to the Bowls Victoria Participation Team on participation@bowlsvic.org.au. You must include your name, email address and phone number.

Need help?

For more information on the classification process for bowlers with a physical disability, please visit the International Bowls for the Disabled or contact Bowls Victoria’s Chief Classifier Carlene Gregory for more information.

Bowlers with an Intellectual Disability

To be eligible to compete in Bowls Victoria disability events as a Bowler with an Intellectual Disability, you must be registered with Sport Inclusion Australia (SIA). You must complete the National Eligibility Application and return it to SIA. The application form and a guide on how to complete the application can be found here.

Bowlers with a Vision Impairment

Classification is required to participate in certain events for Bowlers with a Vision Impairment. Bowlers are classified based on their vision and classified as B1, B2, B3 or B4. For further information on sight classification for bowlers with a vision impairment, please contact Peter Campion or visit the Blind Bowls Victoria’s website.