Metro Pennant Draws, Rules & Forms



For a copy of the 2019-20 Draw please click the appropriate link below.

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Metropolitan Pennant Draw (Weekend) – PDF document

Metropolitan Pennant Draw (Midweek) – PDF document




Midweek & Weekend Metropolitan Pennant Dates




Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play

The Metropolitan Pennant competition Conditions of Play were updated prior to the commencement of the 2019-20 season. 




A guide for Clubs regarding eligibility of their players for the 2019-20 finals series. Please click here.




Pennant Permit Request Form

A Pennant Permit Request Form MUST be completed for an Affiliated Member who wishes to represent a Club other than their Nominated Club in a Bowls Victoria Pennant competition; such as two Metropolitan Clubs or one Metropolitan and one Country Club or vice versa. For details please check the Pennant Permit procedure document.

Interstate Pennant Declaration

An Interstate Pennant Declaration Form must be completed by players wishing to register with a new Club only for the purpose of playing Pennant in a State or Territory Association (STA) which is different from the STA which they are currently affiliated should complete the form below and apply to the STA which the player currently affiliated with.




All players must ensure their attire complies with Bowls Victoria’s dress regulations. Bowls Victoria’s 2019-20 Rules for Attire.




If a ‘Code Red’ Fire Day is announced for the Central Fire District on a day of play, all Metropolitan Pennant Competitions will be abandoned, and no results will be required to be submitted. 

If a Total Fire Ban Day is announced for the Central Fire District on a day of play (by the Bureau of Meteorology), Metropolitan Pennant Matches scheduled to be played at a club who has registered as not being available to play on TFB days, will be abandoned. Results are not required to be submitted and points will be shared between the club listed and their opponent for that round.

Clubs must register to be a Total Fire Ban listed Club through Bowls Victoria by 4:30pm on Monday September 30, 2019 here

Play cannot commence if the temperature at the Club’s Designated BOM Weather Station has reached 36 degrees Celsius or above at the scheduled commencement time of the match, play may be suspended for up to 1 hour. 

If the temperature fails to fall below 36 degrees Celsius within 1 hour of play being suspended, the match is abandoned. Please review the 2018-19 Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play which has more detailed information about Bowls Victoria’s heat policy. 

Bureau of Meteorology official recording stations

Please download the Designated BOM Official Recording Stations to your phone, tablet or computer. 

Visit the BOM website for your temperature reading, or call the BOM on 1900 926 121 to hear the recorded information. You will be required to wait until your designated BOM station temperature is announced. 




Bowls Victoria encourages all affiliated members to be sun smart. Exercise places some people at risk of heat illness, especially in hot weather. Players, officials and spectators are encouraged to wear head protection, sunscreen, sunglasses, keep hydrated and seek shade when possible.