COVID-19 Update regarding Umpiring

Due to current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, officials that were required for re-accreditation (including Markers, Measures, Umpires) will now have their accreditations extended for a further 12 months.

If you require an update to your accreditation for Umpiring, Marking or Measuring, please follow the below links. These will then be distributed to Presenter & Assessors around Victoria who will commence accreditation & re-accreditation of Umpires, Measurers & Markers in due course.




All the information and resources on how to become an accredited umpire over three accreditation levels linked to specific roles within officiating the game, namely those of Marker, Measurer and National Umpire.




If you’re already an accredited umpire or have been in the past, find out how to Re-Accredit.




The Bowls Victoria Umpiring Committee has collated a number of documents that will be useful administrative and training tools for the Umpires Committees established for the Bowls Victoria Regions and Divisions.

BVUC Umpires 75 Questions & Answers
BVUC Umpiring Equipment
BA Challenge to Bowls Form
BVUC Basic Measuring for Umpires



The Lawman

A wealth of information on rules and laws of the sport is available from our guru in this area, The Lawman, in his regular column in Bowls Victoria’s e-newsletter Heads Up. You’ll find a back catalogue of The Lawman’s columns

For more information on Umpiring or Becoming an Official, please contact:

Bowls Victoria Umpiring Committee Chair
John Roberts
Phone: 0417 330 070

Region & Division Umpiring Contacts