Bowls Victoria’s reaccreditation process adheres to the national Introductory & Club Coach Reaccreditation Policy, built on the fundamental premise that coaches who volunteer their time within their club should be able to do so without hassle, provided their club values their services. Please click below for the policy’s full details.


Step 1

Regular Practice

Coaches are required to keep a log of regular coaching (recommended to be 60 hours over four years for Introductory Coaches & 200 hours over four years for Club Coaches).

Step 2

Current & Competent Letter

Coaches are required to have their nominated club’s President or Secretary verify their competency and hours of active coaching through a current and competent letter.

Step 3

Online Application Form

Coaches must complete the BV online application; this form must include your BowlsLink National ID Number plus your Club’s current and competent letter.

Introductory & Club Coach Reaccreditation Policy

Philosophy and background to the policy
Bowls Australia (BA) is committed to ensuring our reaccreditation requirements for coaching are clear for all current and potential coaches. We have designed a system in combination with our state and territory associations which provide the necessary development for our coaches, but removes unnecessary hurdles to completing the process.

Coach Reaccreditation Policy
In summary, the Coach Reaccreditation model is:

  1. Regular practical coaching – recommended 60+ hours for Introductory Coach Reaccreditation or 200+ hours for Club Coach Reaccreditation
  2. ‘Current and competent letter’ from applicant’s club
  3. Complete the STA’s (Bowls Victoria) Reaccreditation Application Form
  4. View BA’s The Coaches’ Den videos (Optional)

Additional notes
The policy is built on the fundamental premise that coaches who volunteer their time at Introductory or Club Coach Level should be able to do so without hassle, provide their club values their services. If indeed the club does not value the services of the coach, they are free to decline signing the ‘current and competent letter’.

However, it is important to note that this process does not apply to persons who are wishing to coach at a higher level (for example, Advanced Coach). Persons who have the desire to progress through the coaching pathway will be required to demonstrate their professional development commensurate with the role they undertake.

For more information on coaching or becoming a coach please contact:
Matthew Ottobre – Club Education & Training Manager
P: 0411 516 328