Umpires, markers and measurers accreditation expires after 4 years. The date is included on your card (BV will allow a matter of a few months passed your expiry date to reaccredit).

The reaccreditation process should only take approximately one hour and is supervised and organised by your Region’s or Division’s Presenter and Assessor.

When reaccrediting as an umpire you must undertake five questions relating to marking, five questions related to umpiring, and five questions relating to measuring. There will also be on green exercises related to measuring and marking.

When reaccrediting you must complete the Umpire, Marker & Measurer Accreditation & Reaccreditation Application Form, please click below.

Please fill out the application form, have it signed by your club’s secretary and forward the form with no money to Bowls Victoria:

Suite 7 32-36 Camberwell Rd
Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Once processed your applications are then passed onto the relevant Region Umpiring contact who will let you know when they are running their next  courses.

Bowls Victoria encourage you to all reaccredit so that you are able to continue your much valued contribution the sport of bowls.