The Lawman – Sep 15 2017

by John Roberts

Well, no doubt numbers of players around Bowls clubs across Victoria are polishing their bowls, clearing out their bowls bags, and scrubbing their shoes in readiness for the 2017-2018 Pennant season.
Simultaneously umpires, markers and measurers will be about dusting down their law books (3rd Edition, Crystal Mark) checking their calipers, unwinding their tapes and getting out their trusty trammels.
Here’s a checklist for our officials and what they could be doing to prepare for the Pennant season ahead:
1. Check the umpires kits and equipment, in particular rusted feeler gauges and calipers.
2. Are the 30 metre tapes working? Do they start at zero?
3. Have you checked with the greenkeeper that all the greens markings are accurate and in place? Does your club have BOTH jack and bowls indicators?
4. Does your umpires kit have a current law book (3rd edition) and a challenge to bowls form? 
5. Is there any equipment missing, broken or need updating?
6. Do you have a copy of the 2017- 2018 Rules for Competition? Are you familiar with this year’s changes? (NOTE: These will be available for viewing by the end of September at the Bowls Victoria website)
7. Do you need to reaccredit this year? Contact your DUC.
8. Do you need to recruit within your club for other members to join you as club umpires, markers or measurers? Have a great season and thanks for the great work you do.
Remember it’s the umpire who sets the tone for how everyone behaves. Our best umpires are authoritative and NOT authoritarian. There is a big difference.
John Roberts
Umpiring Committee Chairman
Bowls Victoria