Celebrating 50 years in bowls

by Team BV

Alan White remembers well when the birth of his child was announced to his fellow bowlers back in the 1960s. 

“I have an unusual announcement to make today,” Roy Harvey, the president of Ormond Park Bowls Club (now Moonee Valley) said at the time. 

“One of our bowlers has become a father.” 

How times have changed, and Alan White knows it.  

Now at Cheltenham Bowls Club in Melbourne’s south-east, Alan is celebrating his 50th year of bowling. It’s a huge milestone, but one he believes will grow more common as the game’s demographics shift daily.  

“In years to come it will be a common occurrence with the young bowlers that are playing today,” he said. 

Alan first started playing in 1966 – playing his first five years at Ormond Park before joining Cheltenham in 1971 and never leaving. 

He has been singles, pairs, triples and fours club champion, and won Group and Pennant titles. 

Now with a Super Veterans badge for turning 80, and his 50 years’ bowling certificate from Bowls Victoria, Alan continues to bowl and has no plans to call it a day. 

“I very much appreciate my Bowls Victoria certificate – I was chuffed. I never expected this achievement.”