The Lawman – Jan 13

by John Roberts

What is a bowl? That is the question
During the World Championships in Christchurch (December 2016),  the  World Bowls Laws Committee  (WBLC) met to discuss any proposed changes to the Laws of the Sport of  Bowls.  It was proposed  to alter D2  which described  what is required on a bowl  (grooved rings),  both on the bias  (small side) and the larger non bias side.

There are only two sides to a bowl. Since the laws require that one side (the bias side) is identifiable by small grooved rings surrounding its centre it was thought that  there is no need to have a means of identifying the other side (the non-bias side).
Simply put, a bowl now only requires grooved rings on the (small) bias side.
The WBLC now state the requirement of the large groove rings on the non-bias side be removed. These changes will now allow for manufacturers to customise the size of distinguishing marks on the non-bias side of the bowl.
It is important to note that these law changes do not have an effect on how the game is played, nor does it affect the bias of the bowl. This amended Law D2  has no impact on any bowls already manufactured.
These Law changes were immediately introduced by WB, and will come into effect as of January 1, 2017 in Australia.
As these Law changes do not affect how the game is played there will be no re-print of the Laws of the Sport Crystal Mark 3rd Edition 2015, however, there will be edits made to the BA’s Bowls Rules app.
There are NO  changes  to the laws regarding the application of  stickers.

By John Roberts, Bowls Victoria Umpiring Committee Chairman

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