Hub Club FAQs

What is a Hub Club?

A Roll Up Hub club is the venue where the Roll Up program will be held each week.

How do I sign my club up to become a Hub Club?

You can fill out an EOI form to become a Roll Up Hub club. Once you have submitted the EOI, a staff member at Bowls Victoria will be in touch regarding the next steps.

Why would my club want to become a Roll Up Hub club?

The Roll Up program aims to increase junior participation at Hub clubs across the state. Hub clubs will also be supported by Bowls Victoria through things like funding, training & development and marketing resources. 

What does a Hub club have to do?

A Roll Up Hub club must provide a green each week to host the program and an appropriate deliverer to deliver the program each week.

Can my club choose when to run the program at our club?

Yes! Clubs decide when the best time to run their program is. This way, the Roll Up program wont interfere with any other activities, events or programs that your club might also be running.

How long does a program run for?

A Roll Up Program must run for at least 4 weeks. Sessions run for 1 hour.

Who do I contact to find out more information about becoming a Hub club?

Call the Bowls Victoria office or email