Nominations Committee

About the Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Annually present to the Board a list of individuals recommended for nomination for election to the Board and for appointment to the Committees of the Board (including this Committee).
  • Before recommending an incumbent, replacement or appointed Director, reviewing his or her qualifications and experience, including capability, availability to serve, independence and other relevant factors (including appropriate background checks).
  • Assist in identifying and recruiting candidates for the Board with a view to achieving an appropriate balance of skills, knowledge, experience, independence and diversity.
  • Annually review the composition of each Board Committee and present recommendations for Board Committee memberships to the Board as required.
  • Examine any other matters referred to it by the Board. The Committee will act in accordance with any protocol approved by the Board from time to time as being applicable to the Committee’s objectives, responsibilities, composition or administration.
  • Develop and implement a succession plan for Directors, using a Board skills matrix.
  • Review the Director nomination and election process.
  • Manage the recruitment process of appointed Directors in liaison with the Board.
  • Review and recommend an election process for Board President and Deputy President.
  • Review any offer of resignation by a Director and recommend an appropriate course of action to the Board.
  • Ensure that there is an effective induction program co-ordinated by the Chief Executive Officer and President for all new Directors.

Committee members:

  • Pat Schram
  • Andrew Holmes
  • Kristie Middleton (external)
  • Neil Dalrymple (external)


Tony Sherwill
M: 0418 344 472